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Drivers show marked improvement following traffic regulations
December 2, 2017, 5:10 pm

Drivers have been adhering to the traffic laws at an unprecedented level since the activation of Article 207 of the traffic law about a fortnight ago and other measures. The enforcement of the law has instilled some discipline among the motorists, leading to a significant fall in the rate of traffic violations and accidents with traffic accidents seeing a reduction of 50 percent.

Before the activation of the article of the law, Kuwait witnessed between 350 and 400 accidents per day and now the figure is between 150 and 200 while the daily violations have decreased from 5,000 to 1,500 per day.

Meanwhile, legal sources in the Ministry of Interior have said the ministry has not ruled out the possibility of referring the issue of impounding vehicles to the concerned constitutional authorities. According to the traffic law introduced by the Ministry of Interior, any motorists caught speaking on the phone while driving and also not wearing seat belts and parking in ‘No Parking’ areas are subjected to punishment in the form of monetary fines and confiscation of the vehicle.

The sources said all the options are on the table which are being studied and discussed because the ultimate objective of the decision is to save the lives of people and the ministry will not hesitate to take any legal action or issue laws to fortify any decision or replace it with the aim of protecting people. The sources said the ministry has shown a great deal of openness to views of the MPs and citizens, who are for or against the resolution.

However, in the end at the heart of the issue is the public interest. The sources added if the concerned parties confirm the illegality or non-constitutionality of the law, the ministry will respect the legal and constitutional opinion without any doubt, but will not hesitate to proceed to issue through resolution or legislation to stop the flagrant violations on the roads, and will not allow disregard for human lives.


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