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Dress up casual
November 17, 2014, 12:11 pm

What to do when an occasion calls for something fancy, but you’re just not feeling in the mood. Hibernators beware: Even in the dead of winter when your brain is fried from work, you will still have to step out in high style. But just because you have to dress up, doesn't mean you can't feel dressed-down. In the name of comfort and time, here are three easy tips to instantly elevate any ensemble with zero effort and maximum style points.

Maxi skirts:  A maxi-skirt gives the illusion and glamour of a dress, but is so easy to move, in feels like your favorite sweats. When you think of maxi-skirts, visions of flimsy, lightweight styles in too-vibrant patterns probably come to mind. But, if you're not on the beach, these iterations just won't do. And, that's where the fall-perfect silhouette comes in. Featuring thicker material and full shapes, the latest maxi trend is more substantial and works by itself, with a little leg now and with tights come December.  The top picks are cool, plaid options, velvety floral iterations, and everything in between. Pair them with a cozy pullover for the weekend or a blouse and blazer for work, and you're done. Get ready to maximize your fall style.

Warm sweaters: A fuzzy sweater in a lovely, thick knit is super-stylish, but a sweater is a sweater if you know what we mean — comfy-cozy through and through. Come fall, rummage through your wardrobe filled with fuzzy sweaters and nubby knits. There are special types that are ready for layering or wearing alone, your best option being sweaters that are brightly colored, finely detailed, and look pretty darn chic.

Fashionable sweatpants: As any creative agency will tell you, it's tough to overcome bad branding. So, maybe it's the "sweat" in "sweatpants" that makes otherwise-reasonable folk think of them as unfit for wearing outside the gym.

However, the sweatpants in the shops today prove the sweatpants-doubters wrong. They range from errand-running-casual to heels-and-hair-did fancy, but they all have one glorious thing in common: the ease of a relaxed fit. A branded pair of fitted sweats can easily take the place of a tapered trouser for a night out. Or if you already have a pair of fashionable sweats, make the athletic pair you love night-out appropriate with a killer heels and chunky jewelry.

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