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Dress up a sheer turtleneck
November 11, 2018, 3:08 pm

Sheer dressing has always been a huge trend, and it is very easy to wear provided you find the right pieces. To get into the trend, you can try sheer turtlenecks in all prints and colors, or go for mesh styles layered under dresses, or lace pieces matched with two-piece suits. Here are some tips to wear a sheer turtleneck.

  • A lace turtleneck proves that just because something is sheer doesn't mean it has to be revealing. You can use such a piece to add dimension to an all-black look or to introduce a flirty edge to your wardrobe.
  • Combined with slouchy pants and a heavy leather jacket, a sheer, patterned turtleneck helps to avoid drowning in all that oversized clothing.
  • A sheer neon turtleneck is perfect to add a pop of color to your neutrals, or look fantastic in a monotone look.
  • If your wrap dresses are starting to bore you, add a new and very sheer touch to make them feel shiny and new again.
  • You can even slip on a bright-colored sheer turtleneck under an equally vivid dress shirt. Then opt for crisp white pants and pointy boots to keep the focus up top.
  • Let your sheer turtleneck being the focus of your attire with a top with eye-catching detail across the front like an oversized bow.
  • Pair a long-sleeve mesh top with a simple slip dress for a cool-girl twist.
  • If you have jumped on the deconstructed shirt bandwagon, you need a stark white turtleneck in your repertoire. It is the perfect low-key backdrop for a chic shirt. 
  • While some may consider it a fashion faux pas, turtlenecks are actually great settings for showing off necklaces. The key is to keep the necklace simple, nothing too bulky or statement-making, and teaming your sheer turtleneck with high-waisted trousers.
  • A billowy turtleneck needs to be tucked, and you can give it some definition by belting it into a slim pencil skirt punctuated by boots.
  • Bralette-style tops get a seasonal upgrade worn over a sheer turtleneck in a rich hue.
  • Seek out a jumpsuit that allows you to show off your sheer turtleneck, and top it off with a blazer in the same shade.
  • Nothing jazzes up a preppy blazer like a red hot sheer turtleneck.
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