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Dragon City
November 18, 2018, 2:30 pm

Relish Asian cuisine at this restaurant’s colorful Asian-influenced zesty offerings. Try the restaurant’s trademark Grilled Crab or perhaps their tasty Chicken Fried Noodles to satiate your appetite, or discover the simple flavor concoctions in their combo meals featuring such delights as Mix Combo Meal, Chicken Combo Meal, Beef Combo Meal and Shrimp Combo Meal

You will also be delighted by the appeal of their variety of appetizers and soups, particularly their Asparagus Shrimp Soup or the Dragon City Special Soup. The menu also offers a variety of chicken, crab and fish dishes, each riddled with flavors. The attraction here is the richness and flavor imbedded in the dishes, and the diversity of the menu that stirs any palate.

Popular dish: Dragon City Spl Steak

Location: Located at Kuwait City. Call: 9000 2312



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