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Dr. Manjiri Puranik: A positive influence on the obesity crisis
April 5, 2015, 9:08 am

Dr. Manjiri Puranik, MD, an Obesity Consultant and Cosmetic Physician, is the founder of Instasculpt, a leading center for obesity management with clinics in India, UAE and Kuwait. An experienced speaker, she has presented many research papers at various conferences in countries such as Canada, USA, UK and Australia. Besides formal seminars and conferences, Dr. Puranik has engaged with audiences through various lifestyle shows on TV where she has given advice on health awareness and obesity management.

Instasculpt recently organized an informative seminar on ‘Obesity and Lifestyle Modification’ at the Kuwait Medical Association. The seminar was given by the Founder and Director of Instasculpt, Dr. Manjiri Puranik.

The chief guest for the event was H.E. Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India to Kuwait. Other distinguished guests included, Dr. Mehdi Al Musawi, Consultant Physician for asthma and allergies, and Chairman of Al Fanar Clinic and Dr. Khalil Yousifi, Consultant Physician for Family Medicine.

In his speech at the inauguration of the seminar, Ambassador Jain highlighted the need for diet programs to be safe, healthy and realistic, without having to starve people. He added that diets should be about eating healthy while enjoying food.

Beginning her seminar, Dr. Puranik defined obesity and pointed out that Kuwait was ranked second worldwide in terms of obesity. Saying that there were various causes for obesity, ranging from genetic to hormonal and in many cases behavioral, she went on to note that obesity affected both psychological and physical health of individuals.

She also explained how most of modern-day diseases such as diabetes, coronary diseases, liver and kidney dysfunction, and depression are caused or initiated by obesity. Moving on to discussing the different methods used for fat reduction, Dr. Purnaik clarified that effective obesity and weight reduction treatments should incorporate behavioral changes such as diet modification, regular exercise and relaxation techniques such as yoga.

Adding that in the last ten years, new technologies have played a significant role in obesity management, Dr. Puranik said that in her clinic they use the advanced ultrasonic lipolysis method. “In this method, the patient does not undergo any surgery, feels no pain, has no side-effects and requires no recovery time. Patients have been known to lose as much as 7.5cm in waist measurement through one session using this technology,” she noted.

The seminar was followed by a lively Q&A session during which Dr. Puranik reiterated that the any obesity treatment should be supplemented with diet management and regular exercise. She also recommended that people should drink at least two liters of water daily. She concluded the seminar by advising the audience to enjoy a healthy life full of peace, giving and love and exhorted them to “add life to years, not years to life.”

During her brief stay in the country, Dr. Manjiri took time to answer some of the obesity-related questions posed to her by The Times Kuwait.

What are some of the major complications resulting from obesity?
Obesity leads to lot of metabolic disorders involving all the organs of the body. The most commonly known conditions associated with obesity are high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, paralysis and cancer.

Kuwait has a growing obesity problem, what advice would you give someone here who would like to transition to a more healthy and fit lifestyle?
For a healthy and fit lifestyle, it is very important to monitor your dietary habits and follow an exercise regimen. Also, one has to inculcate good habits like sleeping well, no smoking, following relaxation techniques and meditation.

What are some of the factors that have contributed to the worldwide obesity epidemic?
WHO has declared obesity as a disease and it is become the second largest cause of death. It is because of various factors but lifestyle is the main contributor.

Do advancements in treatment and technology mean obesity is easier to handle now?
Obesity is a challenge but with newer advances in technology and treatments, we are able to deal with it more effectively.

How do you find the latest treatments for various obesity conditions?
I look at research papers, different advances in technology presented in various conferences that I attend and see the latest inventions and innovations released by scientists and doctors who have spent years doing clinical studies.

What are the benefits of using non-surgical procedures in combatting obesity?
In surgical procedures there are risks attached to them, particularly if patients have to undergo anesthesia and hospitalization, while in non-surgical procedures there are no injections, cuts, pain or bruising. It is a simple procedure usually lasting for about an hour.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing obese people who want to lose weight?
Sometimes it is not possible to lose weight, because one cannot do exercise due to knee trouble, back ache or other physical conditions, also patients with diabetes or high blood pressure cannot follow a strict dietary regimen. Sometimes even after following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, due to hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances and aging it is difficult to lose fat from certain areas.

Why do you think people struggle to lose weight?
To lose weight is a challenge because the lifestyle of people has changed and there are many socio-economy and environmental factors to consider. The lack of exercise, excessive consumption of fast food, aerated drinks and hormonal imbalances make it difficult for some to lose weight.

What are some possible solutions to changing people’s habits that lead to obesity?
For obesity in children they can be given added marks in school if their weight falls in normal range and negative marking in exams. This solution is practiced in France.

Governments can also offer free gym memberships, exercise facilities and sponsor awareness programs for people to get into fitness. Motivation and support groups can also help to reduce the obesity in a country.

What impact does the health and wellness of a population have on the whole country?
Health and wellness of a population is very important for the happiness quotient of a community and improved productivity of its workforce, which indirectly contributes to the economic growth of the country.

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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