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Dr. Bahahuddin Nadwi receives warm reception in Kuwait
June 29, 2015, 2:27 pm

Dr. Bahahuddin Nadwi, Vice Chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University, Kerala, was given warm reception in Kuwait by many Keralite associations and Federation of Indian Muslim Association.  He was on a week-long visit to Kuwait by the invitation of the Kuwait committee of Darul Huda Islamic Complex.

Dr. Bahahuddeen met Farwaniya Governor H.E. Shaikh Faisal Hamoud Al-Sabah at the premises of Farwaniya Governorate as well as Dr. Mubarak Al-Hajiri, Dean of Faculty of Islamic studies and Sharia, Kuwait University and many well distinguished personalities such as Waleed Al-Ammar, Shaikh Abu-Hazem of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait. 

Dr. Bahahuddeen is one of the top Islamic scholars whose name was given as one of the world's 500 influential Islamic Scholars. Having a doctorate from Calicut University, in addition to Islamic studies degree from Dayubandh, Jamiya Nooriya, Dr. Bahahuddin has visited several countries world wide and represented Darul Huda University in various levels among different authorities.

Kuwait Radio Channel's Holy Quran Department made a live interview with Dr. Bahahuddin and broadcasted in their 'Masseerathul Khair' morning program.  The 24 hour Holy Quran Radio channel is running under the patronage of Kuwait government – Ministry of Information. Also he was invited to visit some of the Kuwiati "Diwniyas", a traditional "get together hall" attached to each Kuwaiti houses.

Many Associations have hosted receptions in honor of Dr. Bahahuddin Nadwi. Members of the Darul Huda Islamic University complex committee conducted a grand program named 'Ya Hala Ramadan', in which world class Islamic scholar Shimsarul Haq Hudawi,(a former student of Dr. Bahahuddeen Nadwi) also delivered a speech to a crowd of more than 1500 Indian community members.

Sayid Nasir Al-Mashoor, KKMCC & KIC Chaimran, Ismail Hudawi, Abdul Hakeem, Hamza Karinghapara, Abdu, Naser, Dr. Sayyid Ghalib Al-Mashoor Thangal also accompanied Dr. Bahahuddin in various functions and official visits.  Kuwait Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre, Kuwait Kerala Islamic Council, Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society and Federation of Indian Muslim Association also made grand receptions in honor or Dr. Bahahuddin.

Association Leaders Shamsuddin Faisi, Shamsuddin Moulavi, Sharafuddin Kaneeth, Siddique Valiyakath, Hamza Baqawi Nadwi, Abdu Faisi and Usman Darimi, also actively participated in the hosting of events in various levels for Dr. Bahahuddeen Nadwi.

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