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Dr. Ghalib Al Mashoor felicitated for service during farewell reception
December 27, 2015, 12:22 pm

After 13 years of service with United Arab Shipping Company, (6 Government owned GCC Shipping Giant), Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor was given a warm farewell reception by UASC staff. Dr. Ghalib was appointed Senior Financial Analyst which was followed by other promotions such as an Assistant Investment Manager, then an Investment Manager, who managed a portfolio of about $182 million UASC assets from the year 2001 to 2014.

Dr. Al-Mashoor has extensive experience in the Economic and Financial field and has attended more than 200 International economic, financial and investment seminars and visited 21 Middle Eastern, American and European countries.

Earlier, Al Mashoor has worked for about 13 years for Arab League's Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation, (owned by 22 Arab Governments) in the capacity of ‘Chief Dealer for Investments and Securities’. Dr. Ghalib was instrumental in bringing a permanent solution and sorting out IAIGC's several financial assets into proper order. He has also used his high caliber to sort out the settlement issues that arose during the invasion of Kuwait in the year 1990.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait in 1991 assigned him to a position in Jordan and Egypt, where he worked for almost 2 years. Dr. Al-Mashoor will now join with 'Rakomesko Group’ as a Financial Advisor and Investment Consultant.


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