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Donning dungarees
March 31, 2014, 1:03 pm

The dungarees may seem inherently casual, but it is not difficult to come up with new ways to wear dungarees and still look polished. How you wear the dungaree dress depends entirely on your sense of style; channel pure femininity or go for boyish cute with few little adjustments in styling.

Denim dungarees: Adding a tailored blazer and a pair of minimalist heels is the easiest way to make denim dungarees instantly slick. Underneath, go for a crisp white tee or for a smarter take, don’t be afraid to wear over just a white classic shirt.

The ’90s dungarees: Here you have the option of styling with gold chunky chains, loose shirts and lightweight fabrics in plaid print. These interpretations work best with unfussy flowing hair and subdued makeup: it’s all about effortless chic.

Sporty and minimalist dungarees: For a bold look pick block colors in streamlined shapes, particularly those dungarees in black and white. Try mixing up necklines by layering overall bibs over halters and racer-backs. For shoes, choose sleek, minimal sandals or chunky platforms. If you go for sneakers keep them clean and fresh looking. For layering your dungarees; silk blousons, mesh jackets and bombers are ideal pieces.

Leather dungarees: Choose a quality material, softer leather is more flattering, and a suitable cut. The leather dungarees can be styled in a minimal chic way for an evening out or other related activities that require a certain stylish edge. By keeping the underneath simple and understated, the leather remains the focus and the statement. Incorporate beautiful leather accessories that compliment but not compete with the garment. Leather heels and an exotic bag translate to voguish, and topped off with a dark makeup look, you get instant toughness.

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