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Donning a sweater dress with style
February 2, 2014, 10:48 am

Look stylish this winter with a fashionable sweater dress. Here is how you can up the oomph with sweater dresses.

Wear flattering shoes: Select shoes to go with the sweater dress based on length of the dress. If you want to wear a sweater dress that falls above the knee, it is best to pair it with boots that have a small heel. Flats will go better with a shorter dress.

Add trendy accents:  If you want to make your waist look more defined, wrap your sweater dress in a modern statement belt. A nice belt that sits high on your waist will accentuate your legs and will reduce the width of your waistline.

Layer your dress:  For a great look dress in a thin sweater of a bold color and then, wear a sweater dress that features a low neckline in a harmonizing color. If you have a sweater dress in a long silhouette, then you should purchase a jacket that has vertical lines.  For a clean, well-balanced outline, the jacket has to come down to mid thigh and it should not overwhelm the rest of your attire. Choose jackets that have invisible pockets that blend in to the contours so the lines remain long.

 Legging combinations: Bringing together a sweater dress and tights gives you the illusion of height and your entire outfit looks fantastic. Go for tights that have interesting patterns or textures that add a splash of color to your sweater dress of a neutral color. Try wearing sheer tights in a color similar to your sweater dress and finish off the look with statement jewelry in bright tones. Scarves and necklaces are two of the best accessories you can wear to enhance your style quotient.

Classic black or neutral colors: Choosing a sweater dress in black or neutral colors is ideal if you are interested in creating a number of looks from the variety of items in your wardrobe. Even though sweater dresses are available in many different styles and colors, start off with a black or neutral color to first learn how to be fashion forward and find the style you are comfortable with.

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