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Don Bosco tourney
August 5, 2013, 2:59 pm

Table Tennis is the second largest participation after Badminton at events organized by the Don Bosco Oratory, owing its popularity to its appeal to every one of all ages.
On August 2, 2013 Don Bosco Oratory organized an open table tennis tournament, which was held at IEAS premises. It was more of a family event where you could see everyone cheering all the participants.
While the Table tennis was going on one side, on the other half of the premises the masters of carom were fighting it out to be crowned Champion for 2013.
This is an event whether it is played at any recreation centre, or a club. This is a social pastime for the community here. All we need is to have individuals who can be selective to ensure discipline is maintained, so we could have this sports opened on weekends, where everyone gets to enjoy themselves.
Don Bosco Oratory is considering of promoting and developing of various sports here in Kuwait for both the young and old coming together and sharing skills with experience.
Both the tournaments organized were a huge success and well appreciated by the participants and well wishers. It was requested by several participants to organize such events thrice a year. And speaking to the organizers on this request, I was told by one of the committee member that it will be considered as for sure it needs to be discussed by the rest of the members. But there is a positive it will happen. One objective for sure would be to host an Inter- School event sometimes in October or November.
The results of the 5th Carrom Championship hosted by Don Bosco Oratory at IEAS are as under
1.    Winner: -         Estevo
2.    Runners up:-         Vel Murugun

Vel Murugun beat Peter Fernandes by 2 boards to enter the finals, while Estevo beats Clifton to ensure a show down with Val Murugun
1.    Winners:-         Prakash Chandimal & Wilson Mascharenhas
2.    Runners up: -         Lancy Rodrigues & Iqbal Mohammed.

In the doubles both the semi-finals was a tooth and nail battle in the  final set  with Lancy & Iqbal beating Estevo & Caitiano in the other semi-finals Prakash & Wilson beat the young dynamic Mumbai lads Leo Rodrigues and Peter Fernandes

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