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Don Bosco Oratory Rink Football 2014
August 4, 2014, 4:40 pm

Susegad emerged champions in the 12th Don Bosco Oratory Rink Soccer tournament, held at IEAS school premises. Susegad registered a hard fought 2-1 win against their youthful and spirited opponent Team Supermen which missed two of their members Cruise and Merwin in the finals on Tuesday, 22 July 2014 who had to travel for further studies.

It was Susegad Captain Conrad Pinto who put his team ahead in the fifth minute of the game, and it took the opponent just 3 minutes to equalize with great moves and skillful footwork from Nikhil Dsouza, who found his mark keeping Godfrey Aguair dazed without his helmet. Both teams fought tooth and nail in the second half and Supermen could have taken the lead if only their players were on target. It was Vicky Waghamarre who gave Susegad the lead that they wanted, and from there on managed to keep Supermen at bay.

Conrad Pinto of Susegad and Diego Dsouza of Supermen stood strong in the defense, even though the pressure was maintained by both teams. With this win Susegad has now engraved their name on the prestigious DBO rolling trophy along the others ….DBO –B/ Big Joe / Urrak/ Fenni / Mumbaikars.  

Battle of the soccer spirit fights for 3rd and 4th place and the Goan tasted better than the Russian

Valanky Rodrigues helped Urrak 7 down Vodka boys 3 -1, and secured the third place. The first half remained all barren despite several open chances missed by Urrak 7, which they failed to convert into goals. The oldest player in this tournament Julio Cardoso stood tall and strong in the goal for the Vodka boys.  It was Urrak’s Loyed Mascarnehas who gave his team the lead in the second half with a powerful shot from outside the D, which deflected off Julio and the ball finding the nets.  However, the match was played one sided with Urrak 7 missing open chances. Vodka boys also missed one of their star defenders, Roshan Dsouza, and adding to their problems − they had no substitutes; however, they managed to hold Urrak 7 to a draw in the first 18 minutes of the game.   

Team Xtreme A put under pressure by clinical Mumbaikars

Vicky Waghamarre’s valiant 23 run knock and partnership with Bader and James Waghamarre put up a big total to defeat the tournament favorite Team Xtreme – A. Chasing the target Score 61 for a win in 5 overs were all bowled out in the fourth over. During the entire tournament Team Xtreme –A maintained discipline in both, batting and bowling. Star bowlers Sharan/Tanvesz / Iggy and Ryan of Team Xtreme – A , somehow did not perform as everyone expected for the finals. It did not end there as the batting performance was unexpectedly poor, and finally, pressure got to Team Xtreme – A which resulted in 3 run outs in the third over which made it more difficult for them to achieve the target.

Konkan monsoons rain down Team Xtreme B

In the 3rd and 4th place match the battle was won by Konkan Chargers, beating Team Xtreme – B by 12 runs. It was the batting of Abdul and Wassim with some excellent bowling that took the run chase away.

Don Bosco Oratory Kuwait annual Ramadan Sports Mania came to an end on 22 July 2014. This year’s Ramadan Fest was organized under the leadership of Liston Raju / Philip Duarte and Christopher Fernandes, the organizers and committee members of DBO. Liston looked after the Box Cricket, and Philip took charge of the Rink Football. This year’s Ladies Box Cricket was organized under the umbrella Don Bosco Past Pupils Association.

The wish was to accommodate all the 31 teams for Box Cricket, but because of the time factor, the organizers were compelled to take only 24 teams. It was fun organizing and bringing this sport to life; the organizers changed the batting area and that made it much more difficult to hit 4’s. The highest run scored was 73, compared to last 2 years where the score would go as high as 112 runs. Next year, the organizers plan to work on more changes to the rules to make the game much more fun and challenging. The committee is considering streaming matches live on the internet, and other surprises are already planned for next year.

Philip who had other plans for Rink Football said that we cannot make too many changes to the rules; however, the committee is planning to add more fun and work towards making the game more exciting. “24 teams participated… and what we have enjoyed was the many young lads who have mastered their footwork. I am sure everyone who witnessed the matches this year has seen the transformation, especially the skills and swift moves displayed by upcoming stars who made their mark in the arena,” he added.

Mr. Christopher who oversees all these events said, “This year we achieved something very important and the credit must go to all the participating teams in both Football and Cricket. I am delighted to say that this year the Umpires and Referee decisions were respected. Something we have been focusing with our own lads first. To be a true sportsman, you have to first discipline yourself to respect your teammates, opponents and Referees. This year I have seen it, and that has brought a lot of joy among the committee members.”






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