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Diwali decorative items
October 30, 2016, 11:40 am

Diwali is known as the ‘Festival of Light’ and a host of traditional decorative items are used in Hindu households to redecorate the house on this occasion. Besides presenting a bright new look, these items also lend a joyful feel of the festival in the house. Presented below is a brief description of some of the most popular Diwali decorative items.

Torans or door hangings:

The most important of all Diwali decorative items, Torans are used to adorn the main entrance door and also the worship room to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali Toran are handcrafted and come embellished with embroidery, bells, beads, mirror, shells and much more. Torans are very much in demand and pose as the most fashionable Diwali decorative item.


The word, ‘Deepavali’ means rows of lamps. This explains why Diyas are an integral part of the festival. The traditional Diwali Diyas or lamps have witnessed a makeover in past few years. Erstwhile they were the sole creation of the potter’s wheel, but today they are being handled by creative designers and craftsman who paint and turn diyas in innovative shapes and pattern. Wax filled diyas have gained popularity as they are more convenient to use than the conventional oil ones.

Diwali candles:

Aromatic and designer candles are an important Diwali decorative item. Besides illuminating the house, they present a calm and soothing atmosphere. Just as Diyas, candles too have undergone a major transformation in terms of looks. Today, they come in artistic shapes and innovative designs. It is considered auspicious and blissful to light floating candles in a glass pot filled with water and decorated with flower petals.

Decorative lamps:

Diwali lanterns and lamps come in variety of shapes and material ranging from clay and paper to glass, brass and marble. They are considered to be an important Diwali decorations item as they turn the room bright in an artistic manner. Diwali lamps are a wonderful gift for those wishing to redecorate their house.

Wall hangings:

As the festival is a traditional one, wall hangings with ethnic touch are preferred over others. Embroidered cloth panels too work wonderfully as a Deepavali decorative.

Laxmi Ganesh sculptures and idols:

As Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja is an intrinsic part of the Diwali Festival, Lakshmi-Ganesh sculptures and idols are an important Diwali decorative item. These come in interesting designs in various sizes to suit the varied requirements of people. 

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