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Distinguished Indians participate in exciting art exhibition
February 1, 2015, 11:03 am

Indian Women’s Association will present an art exhibition with a difference at the Dar Al Cid in Jabriya on 4 February at 6 pm . The exhibition features two distinguished medical professionals -  Dr Tahseen Khan and Dr Anupama Arora Mallik, based in Kuwait who are recognized for their creative expression and artistic endeavours.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Sami Mohammed, a pioneer in contemporary art scene in Kuwait and the Middle East. The show will be open for viewing on 5 and 6 February from 10 am to 1 pm, and from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Dr Tahseen Khan, is a multifaceted woman with many talents and currently working as a neonatologist with the Jahra Hospital. She is also Vice-President of the Indian Women’s Association, a nonprofit organization that supports the community since its inception in 1998. Dr. Khan is an accomplished visual artist who participated in her first major exhibition in 2011 and a second solo exhibition titled ‘Be the Change’ in 2012 at the Bayt Lothan.

Learn more about Dr. Khan by reading her interview:

Dr Anupama Arora Mallik is a self-taught artist for who prefers to lose herself in colour and watch it take shape into a beautiful creation.  She is a Consultant Pathologist at Al-Jahra Hospital and it will be the first time she showcases her artwork in a presentation titled ‘Expressions through colours’.

Dr. Mallik Anupama is inspired by nature but at times prefers to delve into abstraction, but most of her paintings have a story to narrate, both personal, and universal.  She is looking forward to share with the public what she calls her ‘ joie de vivre’ at her debut exhibition that will give her an opportunity to relate her stories. 

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