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Discover the next generation of fashion design at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2015
October 20, 2015, 1:00 pm

Organised by Emaar Properties in partnership with Vogue Italia and supported by the Dubai Design & Fashion Council, the third edition of the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience will take place on 29 and 30 October. Once again defining Dubai as a global fashion capital, the highlights of 2015 are the Catwalk Fashion Show, Who is on Next? Dubai and the Fashion Lectures.

“The Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience not only brings the best of fashion in the world to Dubai but also serves to encourage the next generation of designers,” said Franca Sozzani, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia. “We believe that it is important to provide emerging talents with credible platforms to present their works to the world. As a new global fashion capital, Dubai is an ideal destination. We are impressed by the works of the young talents and look forward to watching their evolution in the global fashion industry.”

Natalie Bogdanova, Senior Director, Business Development & Operations, Emaar Malls, said: “Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience is our flagship fashion event that brings the who’s who in global fashion to The Dubai Mall. The success of the past editions has added to the prestige of Dubai and we are looking forward to an exciting season of fashion celebration in October. At the heart of this event is the showcase by the emerging designers at the widely-attended Fashion Show and the newly introduced Designer Showcase presenting the collections of the finalists of Who is On Next? Dubai. They will have the opportunity to display their works to a global audience of fashion celebrities and potentially make their mark in the international industry.”

“There is tremendous talent and potential among the young generation of designers,” added Nez Gebreel CEO, Dubai Design & Fashion Council. “Their global outlook, innovative approach to design and a deep passion for the industry must be encouraged to enable them to make their mark internationally. The showcases at Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience serve as compelling platforms that give them the tangible opportunity to be spotted and to grow.”

The Catwalk Fashion Show

Encouraging and promoting new talent has always been a priority for the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience, and the eight international designers selected for the 2015 fashion show are exceptional examples of a new generation of global promise.

During a colourful fashion show on October 29, the Fashion Catwalk will be graced with the work of Studio One Eighty Nine, The Kayys, Reem Al Kanhal, Arthur Arbesser, Krikor Jabotian, Melitta Baumeister, Xiao Li and L72.

Who is on Next? Dubai

Who is on Next? Dubai, a talent scouting initiative mainly focused on emerging designers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, is the newest addition to the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience. Launched by Vogue Italia and Emaar Properties, in collaboration with Altaroma and with the support of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Pitti Immagine and, online retail and media partner, the project covers three categories: womenswear, menswear and accessories.

Selected by a panel of globally-renowned fashion experts, the winners will have amazing opportunities to showcase their collections during a number of high profile events in 2016, including:

-       Pitti Uomo, Florence

-       Altaroma, Rome

-       Milan Fashion Week

-       Palazzo Morando, during the September edition of Milan Fashion Week

-       Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2016 with a special catwalk

In addition, the collections of the winners will be available at a special temporary store within The Dubai Mall and globally on, the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art.

These 25 talented designers are:

Created by UAE national Maryam Abdulla Al Omaira, the Maryam Omaira label has been described as a mix of effortless boldness that proposes a modern and clean reflection of the beauty around her. She has always been inspired by specific fishing equipment used in the UAE, dissected to reflect the modernity she sees in it, and by her dream of dressing Blake Lively.

Abcense is a footwear brand founded in Taipei by designer duo Jhuosan Wang and Yoyo Pan: “It all started with the necessity of creating a shoe that would represent the perfect fusion of technology and design,” they explain. “We want to create timeless pieces that smoothly fit into everyday life”. Their SS2016 collection is based on breaking rules and destroying the idea that “seeing is believing” in an attempt to bridge the gap between reality and imagination.

In “Shadow Art,” the SS2016 collection by Byungmun Seo from South Korea, the relationship between original objects and their shadows is explored in unique ways. More specifically, light and shade reflect the structure of any visible object on the street, on a wall or on the floor, but they do not convey the whole idea of a subject; this is the concept behind the pattern and the cuts used to create a new structure of a garment.

South African designer duo Adriaan Kuiters + Jody Paulsen propose a minimal look characterized by sporty elements that are inspired by the 70’s layout of a tennis court. They also use ballet-like embellishments and references to the celebrated American postmodern dancer/choreographer Lucinda Childs to give to the collection a feminine fluidity. Nude, white, grey, black and primary colours dominate the palette, while prints are largely inspired by Philip Glass’ score for Childs’ choreography.

Cynthia & Xiao, by Chinese duo Cynthia Mak and Xiao Xiao, is a brand characterized by bold graphics and touches of simple modernity. For SS2016, the inspiration comes from Yunnan traditional clothing and ornaments; it brings a provincial girl to a new strange city, where the lifestyle is modern yet simple, and the architecture is minimalist yet attractive. Combining simple textures and impactful patterns typically seen in Scandinavian architecture with traditional Chinese details, the SS2016 collection creates a new contemporary ethnic aesthetic that is cohesive with the brand’s identity.

South African Laduma Ngxokolo, the designer behind MaXhosa by Laduma, says that the phrase “My Heritage, My Inheritance” is the inspiration for his brand. Guided by a Xhosa tribal saying (“Mtanom’gquba”) that reminds native Africans that their roots are grounded in rich, fertile lands, the SS2016 collection celebrates the many hues of African skin by offering bright, contrasting colours.

Hailing from Hong Kong, designer Flora Leung presents Matter Matters, which she describes as a timeless collection: “The inspiration comes from the simplest graphic elements: triangle, square and circle. The designs mostly are influenced by the Memphis movement and David Hockney’s 70s-80s works.”

Aurora James, a Canadian/Ghanaian designer based in Brooklyn, New York, travels every few months to and throughout Africa - particularly to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Morocco and Ethiopia - to find inspiration and to work with local artisans for the manufacture of her sustainable brand, Brother Vellies. Her SS2016 collection is inspired by the strongest elements in nature – rock, air, fire, wood and women. 

Juxtaposing intricate beadwork and layers of fabric embellishments, African/British jewellery curator Anita Horsfall’s SS2016 collection from her brand, Anita Quansah London, emphasizes three-dimensional elements. Called “Tribe Vibe”, it is inspired by the vibrant, colourful adornments and jewellery worn by nomadic tribes like the Turkana, the Samburu and the Maasai from Kenya and the Himba from Namibia.

Carolina Neri, from Italy, and Bérengère Lux, from Switzerland, were long-time friends even before becoming business partners who wanted to create a timeless and upscale costume jewellery brand. Called CA&LOU, their SS2016 collection is set in the 70’s and was particularly inspired by Slim Aarons and Helmut Newton pictures.

Elio Abou Fayssal, a Lebanese designer based in Dubai, is presenting a collection for Spring/Summer 2016 that is inspired by Japanese paintings, romance, dramatic music and traditional costumes. Currently, Elio creates custom-made couture dresses and other special garments for exclusive boutiques.

Tae Yong Ko, Korean designer of Beyond Closet, titles her SS2016 collection “Nomantic (Not Romantic).” Showing the romantic world through the eyes of an unromantic guy, the exotic and unfamiliar paradise scene is presented through the point of view of the designer with vivid colours and witty style; traditional embroideries are used to highlight the creativity of the brand.

For SS2016, Singaporean Max Tan has created a collection for his brand, Max.Tan that explores the possible outcomes of escaping the captivity of artificial rules and standards. His work steps back to the core of the design ideology by building up from basic forms, light, line works, contrasts and stripping over-finished garments.

Palestinian/Canadian designer Faissal El-Malak, based in Dubai, has developed a contemporary Middle Eastern design identity by linking traditional artisan works from the region with a modern vision. The SS2016 collection draws from typical elements of the luxurious Tunisian heritage: traditional hand-woven silks, silver jewelleries and basket weaving. Faissal was also inspired by Peter Hujar’s photographic portraits which capture raw emotions and evocative personalities.

Susana Traça’s work has been shaped by the designer’s background: her Angolan roots, Portuguese education, European work and other life experiences. Her footwear collection merges minimal geometries, warm colours and ethnic patterns with the quality of Made in Italy manufacture. The core of the entire collection is represented by the mask – a central element in African culture – as well as art that has a strong spiritual meaning. Raffia, vibrant colours, wedges and high-arched heels, hippy and funny elements are also combined with Maasai prints and jungle-inspired styles.

Jourden is the collection presented by the Hong Kong-based designer Anais Mak. For SS2016, the collection focuses on the balance of opposites, simultaneously embracing spring and summer elements. Loosely grunge, minimal and epitomizing trends from the 90's, the collection is characterized by crafted metallic holograms, colourful light jackets and slinky slips that won’t look out of place on a contemporary diva.

The spirit of "South Beach Boulevard", the SS2016 collection by Lebanese designer Nathalie Trad, was prompted by an exploratory walk through the Art Deco district of Miami’s South Beach (SoBe): a journey through the iconic and streamlined architectural masterpieces, when SoBe first became an opulent tropical escape.

Jinhee Moon, from South Korea, is the young mind behind J Moon, an experimental brand that gets inspiration from life experiences. The SS2016 collection is called “Don’t label me” and is all about getting rid of the stress caused by intrusive people. “Keep your pace and don’t be rushed by other people’s expectations if it is too fast for you,” she says.

British-Ivorian Alexis Temomanin’s Dent de Man SS2016 collection is “a journey without destination. This season’s influence comes from the idea that the best laid plans may sometimes lead you in unexpected directions to discover elements of life hitherto unknown.”

Japanese designer Teppei Fujita founded sulvam after working at Yohji Yamamoto. The idea behind the SS2016 collection is to create a light mood in the cutting while the philosophy that moves the work is about tailoring.

The SS2016 collection by Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza is inspired by Iranian culture and art. The story behind the collection is about the daughter of the King, Princess Mythra, who survived a nuclear bomb explosion only to discover that she has minerals and thorns growing inside her body.

Youjia Jin, a Chinese-born London-based fashion designer and buyer, pays tribute to her mother with her SS2016 collection. While her mother had cancer, the designer spent every day at the hospital with her speaking about fashion. Using her mother’s clothing as her inspiration, the collection mixes tradition and innovation with many floral details (another tribute to Youjia’s flower-loving mother).

Mitsuru Nishizaki worked for seven years at Y’s and Yohji Yamamoto as a pattern cutter before founding Ujoh. She uses her creations and expertise to present her point of view based on a linear design characterized by an exquisite balance of fabrics, essential tailoring and bold cutting.

Born in Botswana and raised in South Africa, Sindiso Khumalo presents “Birds of Paradise”, a collection divided in two stories and based on her pregnancy experience and the birth of her son. She found inspiration in the traditional dress of the South African Venda women and the traditional beadwork created by the South African Zulu Women.

Created by Chinese designer Yirantian Guo, the SS2016 collection from the label Yirantian is effortlessly elegant. The embroideries and cuts are inspired by the shape of furniture and by people’s clothing styles.

Each collection will be showcased at the Star Atrium in The Dubai Mall on October 29 and 30. An international panel of globally-renowned fashion experts will evaluate the collections and the winners will be announced during the Gala dinner on the evening of October 30.

Fashion Talks

Fashion Talks led by renowned fashion designers and global industry icons are another asset of this year’s high-profile event. In-store activations by hundreds of participating retailers, live music and other lifestyle events will also characterise the two-day event.

The second edition of the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience, held in 2014, welcomed over one million visitors across three days. In-store activities organised by over 200 fashion retailers in The Dubai Mall also contributed to the significant boost in footfall, further underlining The Dubai Mall’s credentials as the ultimate destination for luxury shopping.

VFDE 2015 official partners are Sephora, Pepsi, Emirates Airline and OSN.


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