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August 8, 2015, 10:22 am

Shimamoto’s ramen burger, an Asian twist of the American classic, with noodles in place of the buns, soy based sauce instead of ketchup, and argula and scallions standing in for lettuce, tomatoes and onions, already existed in Japan, particularly in Fukushima Prefecture. Apparently, Kuwait’s first Ramen Burger – Diner, which is neither conventional nor retro, opened up in 2003 when Amer Al Najdi and Fahad Al Ibrahim paired up.

Cuisine: The duo follows the most popular idea that is going around, which is using eggs to bind the noodles for a ‘bun-less’ burger with the cheddar and sriracha-mayo sauce giving it layers of flavor. Diner’s menu is simple, with just five kinds of burgers, a couple of sandwiches, house cookies, and a few side-kicks.

Must try: Besides the Ramen Burger, try the Havana Burger moderated to meet local taste buds, and Parmesan Truffle Burgers, too, which are light, owing to fluffy potato buns they use, and non-greasy. On the sides, the Andalouse Fries or Sriracha wings or the Monster fries are popular.

Ambience: The décor is minimalist and uncluttered, and the furnishing is light and woody. A bar style eating counter with high-chairs, two tables placed inside for those who prefer intimacy, and a few set outside (in what is going to be a food court) to complete the little unit.

Where: Basement of Al Tijaria Tower, Al Soor Street, Mirgab

Contact: 90091147 │

Diner is open from 1:30–10:30pm


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