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Diabetic foot ulcer patients in Kuwait to receive innovative treatment
March 4, 2017, 4:17 pm

Heber Biotec, a leading bio-pharma company based in Cuba, along with Kuwait's Central Gulf Medical Company (CGMC), is set to introduce Heberprot-P, an innovative treatment for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) in Kuwait.

In a recent exclusive interview with The Times Kuwait, Prof. Dr. Jose J. Fernandez Montequin, the Director of the National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in Cuba and Dr. Atef Ali, Medical Director of the CGMC, spoke about the new DFU treatment, which would be launched in Kuwait at a ceremony to be held at the Movenpick Hotel and Resort on 6 March.

Dr. Montequin began by saying that though diabetes had a genetic source it was also linked to lifestyle choices. He pointed out that in recent years, a poor diet, excess sugar consumption and a sedentary lifestyle without proper exercise had caused the rate of diabetes in Kuwait to increase dramatically.

He explained that one of the severe complications that could arise from diabetes was the diabetic foot ulcer, which impacts 15 to 20 percent of diabetic patients. Advanced stages of DFU could lead to patients having to amputate their foot.

Pointing to the advantages of Heberprot-P over regular diabetic foot ulcer treatments, Dr. Montequin noted that with the new treatment the number of foot amputations could be brought down greatly, and that this would make a huge difference in the lives of diabetic patients.

He elaborated by saying that Heberprot-P was an innovative form of treatment that injects medication directly into the wound to accelerate the healing process from deep within complex ulcers. The treatment has an overall positive effect, as it reduces surgical interventions, lowers the risk of infections and recidivism.

Dr. Montequin underlined that studies done with patients in over 24 countries worldwide had proven very successful. Even complicated cases of DFU have been resolved with a rate of success in excess of 80 percent for ulcers of both ischemic and neuropathic nature, he added.

For his part, Dr. Atef Ali revealed that currently there were 59,000 diabetic foot ulcer cases reported in Kuwait, and that around 140 amputations were being conducted annually. This alarming statistics had led CGMC to introduce Heberprot-P to Kuwait. The new treatment not only reduces the risk of foot amputation by 71 percent, it also reduces the direct and indirect costs associated with the disease, he said.

Following the success of extensive clinical trials that were conducted at the Dasman Diabetes Institute since 2015, the treatment received necessary approval for treating DFU cases in Kuwait. Dr. Ali added that CGMC was now working in conjunction with many hospitals in Kuwait to offer Heberprot-P for DFU patients, so as to ensure they received the best treatment available in the country.

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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Sunil Mistry  Posted on : March 05, 2017 8:52 am
With all due respect to you Doctor good day, please let me introduce my self my name is Sunil Mistry I am writing this message to tell you that my mother age 80years is suffering with diabetic foot problems which I am very worried about, is possible to meet you doctor. Thank you very much and wish you great day.
Very Best regards,
Sunil Mistry
Mobile # +965 99014783

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