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Deportation for 12 beggars arrested in Fahaheel
December 26, 2017, 6:14 am

Immigration detectives recently embarked on a security campaign in Fahaheel area leading to arrest of 12 male and female beggars from various Arab countries. The suspects claimed to be suffering from different chronic diseases.

The campaign was organized based on complaints from several citizens and expatriates who notified the Operations Room that beggars were found at various places in shopping malls. Teams of immigration detectives were formed to carry out a surprise campaign during which they arrested the suspects.

Some of the suspects were caught with fake documents to back up their claims of battling with chronic diseases.

The concerned authority has since taken necessary steps to deport the suspects. Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship, Travel Documents and Residence Affairs Major General Mazen Al-Jarrah has directed the officers to handle unscrupulous expatriates who engage in such acts with iron hand.

Source: Arab Times

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