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Dell makes gold jewelry from recycled motherboards
January 28, 2018, 4:38 pm

Dell Computers is not a name that you would think of when shopping for fine jewelry, but last week, Dell launched a limited-edition jewelry collection made from gold mined from recycled computer motherboards.

Dell has partnered with Twilight actress Nikki Reed on the line, offering up 14- and 18-carat gold rings, earrings and cuff links. While it could be a maneuver aimed at drawing attention to the company’s green initiatives and e-waste recycling, it was nevertheless an interesting take.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only around 12.5 percent of e-waste in the country is recycled, resulting in around $60 million in gold and silver being thrown away each year in the form of just old phones.

Dell says its efficient new recycling processes have given the company an excess amount of the material, so it decided to do something a bit more interesting with the gold rather than just stockpiling it. The Reed-designed circular jewelry is a nod to the company’s push toward a ‘closed-loop system’ it hopes will help create around a million new motherboards within the next year.

The jewelry’s up for preorder now, ranging from $78 for a gold ring to $348 for a flashy pair of cuff links. So next time someone asks where you got that flashy new bling, you can say, “Dude, I got it at Dell.”

In a separate development, this time on the software front, Dell also launched last week a new app that brings mobile notifications to the desktop. The company’s ‘mobile connect’ app is a free offering that will be bundled with all new Dell computers.

The application delivers mobile notifications to the desktop via Bluetooth, similar to some of the functionality already on offer from Microsoft’s Cortana. However, unlike Cortana, the Dell app does not require you to sign into each individual account on the desktop. The apps themselves do not need to be approved by Dell, either. As long as you can get a notification on your phone, you will see it on the screen.

The only things it does require, in fact, are a new Dell computer and a smartphone within Bluetooth range and a small notification box pops up in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen.

From there, you can respond in a dialog box or click through to a mirrored image of your phone’s screen. Mirroring the mobile screen is a bonus, because if you have a touchscreen monitor you can navigate the handset straight from the desktop, enabling you to play mobile games on the bigger screen. The app works with both Android and iOS.




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