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Defining your waist
December 8, 2013, 2:50 pm

You wish that a dress looked as amazing on you as it does on a model, but it is not always possible since everyone has different body types. Nevertheless, there are ways to choose a dress that is the most flattering for your figure and looks best on you.

Wrap dress: The wrap dress is flattering on almost all body types because of its perfect drape. It circles around your waist and expertly hides any little flaws or bumps in your waistline. Finish the look with a slim belt and you’re good to go.

Belts: If you have a curvy body, a belt would look perfect if teamed with a flowy dress or a tunic. The belt defines your waist as it accentuates the smallest part of your silhouette. Wear a thicker belt if you’re on the busty side and a slimmer belt if you are petite.

Peplums: The peplum trend is perfect for those of us who would like to look effortlessly chic while hiding any unsightly bumps. The peplum flares right at the point where your waist is the smallest and so hides any unevenness. You can wear peplum dresses or tops, and with tops you can cinch the waist with a slim belt.

Right patterns: Patterns and prints can draw attention upwards when placed in the right way, away from your waist, to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. For smaller, petite women, small patterns look great such as a dress with small flowers printed on them, while on curvier women, bigger patterns look better.

Fit and flare: The fit and flare silhouettes refer to a dress or a top matched with a skirt where the top half of the outfit is fitted and hugs your figure, while the lower half flares out. Such outfits draw attention away from the imperfections in your waistline and add movement and sophistication to the ensemble. Such an outfit also provides the illusion of longer legs and an hourglass figure.

Well-fitted jacket: A well-tailored jacket works well in terms of adding shape and definition to your upper body. Look for jackets that are fitted well at the waist, and have darting and seaming elements in addition to a nipped waist. The effect will be of a stylish silhouette.

Lower element prints: Prints are a great way to not only add interest to your outfit but a well-fitted skirt or trousers direct the gaze to the waistline and make it look smaller. A too busy or intense print however, can create the illusion of volume, so it is best to stick to a plain or neutral color on top and balance it out at the bottom with a printed lower half.

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