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Defiant North Korea challenges UN Sanctions
June 17, 2017, 4:28 pm

“We will hit the US bases with nuclear missiles if they interfered with our sovereignty,” Ambassador So Chang-sik

The ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, His Excellency So Chang-sik, did not hold back on any issue in a recent lengthy dialogue with Kuwait’s Al Rai newspaper, starting from Korean nuclear weapons, to the declared conflict with the USA and the threat of nuclear power; the double standards of the UN Security Council; the Palestinian cause, terrorism, the unification of Korea, and other thorny global issues.

The ambassador also touched on many issues and his country's desire to live in peace, away from any provocations, praising the Kuwaiti policy and the wisdom of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, and his role supporting peace and diplomatic solutions to all issues in the region.

Following is the dialogue:

How do you describe North Korea-Gulf relations?

The relations between DPRK and the Gulf are very good, and we are cooperating with the Gulf countries under the banner of independence, friendship and peace. As you know, there is no embassy for the DPRK in the Gulf countries except Kuwait. We are very interested in developing our relations with Kuwait, which have been constantly developing from the beginning to serve the interest of our peoples. We are always with Kuwait and feel that if it is affected by anything, God forbid, it is as if Korea is affected. In addition, there is an exchange of visits between officials of both countries. In 2014, the Korean foreign minister visited Kuwait and met with His Highness the Crown Prince and the Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.

Why do we not we see military cooperation between North Korea and the countries of the region?

We do want such cooperation with the countries of the region but the United States and Western countries do not. But, if Kuwait asked us to cooperate in this regard, we are ready.

Are there any signs of political solutions to the sanctions imposed by the Security Council on North Korea?

The sanctions recently imposed by the Security Council were not taken for the first time. Sanctions have been imposed since the establishment of our Republic in the Fifties of the last century, and we have become accustomed to them. Despite the pressure of these sanctions on us, we maintain peace and security in the Korean peninsula.

And as you know, political solutions depend on the strength of the parties involved in the negotiations. Therefore, if we show weakness, the United States will dominate us as we have seen in many countries such as Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Libya and Afghanistan, which were weakened by sanctions. As we know, when it is the law of the jungle, the strongest will be able to maintain existence and security. Therefore, our Republic had to possess the ability and development of nuclear deterrence for self-defense in order to protect the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.

 Does this mean there is a problem between you and the United Nations?

The sanctions decisions taken against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are documents in violation of the laws and customs, since in no page of the Charter of the United Nations and the provisions of international laws there is a clause that defines, a nuclear test, the launch of a satellite and the launch of an experimental ballistic missile alone as a threat to the international peace and security.

Moreover, our Republic has withdrawn from the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) through legal procedures so as not to be subjected to any restriction of the international obligation banning the possession of nuclear weapons. And it is illogical that the launch of the satellite by our Republic is a problem, because it is a sovereign right of any sovereign state. That is why the United Nations did not present any legal evidence that the nuclear test by a country and the launch of the satellite violated any item of international conventions when they fabricated the sanctions resolution. This means that the United Nations has forcibly taken the resolution under the pretext that our actions are considered a threat and a violation of the previous decisions. Hence, the sanctions resolutions taken against our Republic are illegal

What is the reason behind this hostility between North Korea and the United States?

The United States has always been and still is keen on hostile policy against our country since the first day of South Korea's occupation. The Korean War in the 1950s was the result of this American policy. After the war, the United States escalated political and military threats, on top of which were the intimidation of nuclear weapons more and more in an incitement of countries drawn in its orbit.

As a result, the United Nations Security Council should have considered these American actions as a threat to peace and security against the world and placed them on the table for discussion and resolution in accordance with Article 39 of the Charter of the United Nations. But, the UN Security Council did not consider the invasion of the United States and the conspiracies of igniting the war against our country, not even once. It also did not make any effort to curb or ban these actions. As soon as the United Nations was established, the United States, being a permanent member, conspired to make the United Nations as its tool to achieve its ambition to control the world. After the change of balance of international forces following the end of the Cold War, the USA rushed for the establishment of the ‘New World Order’ under its leadership.

 Are you prepared to confront the United States?

Yes, we are ready to confront the American conspiracies and actions. As you know, our war with the United States began 70 years ago, and it was between the light Korean rifles and the heavy and nuclear US weapons. We won the war then, but now we have become a strong state, we have nuclear weapons, and the strategy has changed. The United States must stop its threats to us, to use nuclear weapons against us and stop its plots against us. There must be a peace agreement between us now.

Do you think that your recent nuclear tests have calmed the high tone against you and the talk about the possibility of negotiations between you and the new US administration?

We only want to change US policy against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Our nuclear weapons are not negotiable. As you know, the US administration sent aircraft carriers to the Korean Peninsula. So if there is any attempt to harm our sovereignty, we will proactively strike with our nuclear weapons on any military base of the US all over the world. What the United States is doing is arrogance and it is just rhetoric. As the Korean proverb says, ‘The big acts arrogantly with the little ones, but when the little one grows bigger, the big backs down.’

What about the Russian and Chinese positions with you?

These two countries are permanent members of the Security Council, they see everything that is happening and do not do their duty as they should. They conducted nuclear tests more than two thousand times.

How do you view your relations with South Korea?

They have recently elected a new president in South Korea and we hope that he will work for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula. The problems between us should be solved without foreign intervention. Foreign countries do not want the country to unite and have peaceful coexistence among our nations, because in the event of unification, Korea will become a great power in East Asia. I would like to pay tribute to the Kuwaiti policy, the wisdom of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait and his role in supporting peace and diplomatic solutions to all issues in the region.

What is your reply to those who say that your Gulf workforce is financing your nuclear experiments?

This is nonsense, because the cost of developing one nuclear weapon is between one billion and two billion dollars, depending on the type of weapon. Is our simple low-wage workforce capable of supporting such sums? These workers send some of their salaries to their families and live with the rest. This is the case of expatriate workers. The sum of what they send is about or two million dollars. Is this enough for hundreds of types of nuclear weapons, hydrogen and strategic weapons? This does not make sense.

Why do you not use your development in all these types of weapons and military equipment to establish peace with everyone and start to develop your economy?

We have been under great pressure for many years, provoking attempts and maneuvers directed against us. This made us insist on strengthening our arsenal of weapons in order to be ready for any confrontation. If this policy against North Korea is changed, all things will resolve. We are a nation that yearns for peace and we love security. Yet, at the same time, we are not like some countries that are afraid and give up their basic rights. You cannot live in the forest if you are not a lion. We did not try to use our nuclear shields against any country. But as I said before, if anyone tries to insult us or encroach upon our lands, there will be a disaster.

How does Korea view the Palestinian cause?

We support the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and reject the settlement policy.

What about Syria?

Our relations with Syria are old and long and we hope that the Syrian issue will be resolved peacefully. But the USA and its famous policy of, ‘divide and conquer’, which have not changed for more than 100 years, seeks to divide these countries and divide them religiously, doctrinally and nationally so that they do not unite, because the US knows that their union is a force, and could lead to a depression of its economy in the sale of weapons. Even terrorism, it is made by USA starting from of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the ISIS. Osama bin Laden was a former CIA member but they kill everyone who disagrees with them.

Commenting on the UN sanctions imposed on his country, the North Korean ambassador asked: "Why double standards? If the nuclear tests, the launch of the satellite and the launch of the experimental ballistic missile are considered a threat to peace and security, why no resolutions were taken to impose sanctions against some countries that made nuclear weapons without any restriction away from the Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons?"

"Why was the UN Security Council silent when Japan launched a satellite in January 2013 and South Korea launched the satellite in cooperation with the third country?" He asked, adding, "Yet, sanctions were imposed on us for the same reasons. Therefore, a law without justice is only an illegal law, even if it is polished".

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