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Decisions seen soon on renewing residence of bachelors
September 6, 2017, 9:51 am

The Council of Ministers gives importance to the recommendations made by the Supreme Committee that was formed to amend the demographic structure of the nation quoting a ministerial source.

The same source said decisions are expected to be taken soon and regulations issued while renewing the residence permit of unqualified ‘bachelors’ based on the nature of their work.

On the other hand, well-informed sources said that three priority issues shall be discussed by the Cabinet including a decision to put in place the requirements for holding the Municipal Council elections. According to a law, the announcement should be made one month prior to holding the Council elections.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said it will take legal action against those who have fabricated the news report that the ‘fake doctor’ stormed a department in the ministry and damaged the evidence against him.

The ministry also rejected false news reports which said the Assistant Undersecretary of the Department has been referred for investigation for covering up the incident.

The ministry said this report is ‘totally unfounded.’ The sources revealed the Assistant Undersecretary was on official visit overseas at the time of the incident. The sources also said immediately after his arrival, he issued instructions and directives to take legal steps in accordance with regulations in force.

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