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Death for woman, lover in child murder
February 1, 2018, 8:36 am

The Criminal Court has issued death sentence against a Kuwaiti woman and her friend after convicting them of the murder of her daughter. Lawyer Ali Al-Ali, who is representing the father of the victim, said in a press release that the verdict should serve as a deterrent to anyone without a conscience and intends to commit such crimes. He urged the court to sentence the two defendants to death for the crime they are proven to have committed.

According to the case file, the crime was discovered on August 5, 2017 when the Kuwaiti woman notified the police about the death of her daughter inside her house in Adan area.

A police officer from Mubarak Al-Kabeer Police Station rushed to the location along with paramedics. However, the paramedics, after confirming that the child is dead, refused to take the corpse due to the obvious marks on the child’s mark which indicated foul play.

Forensic Medicine officers were summoned to the location and they recorded the traces of beatings on the neck, face and chest of the child as well as burns on her left arm.

When securitymen interrogated the mother, she revealed that she is divorced and is having an affair with her friend. In an attempt to clear herself from any involvement in the crime, she said her boyfriend beat her daughter to death during a picnic. However, the second suspect revealed that the mother was also involved in the crime.

Source: Arab Times

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