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Dean & Deluca's Epicurean Food Fair
October 5, 2015, 4:06 pm

Known for a vast array of handcrafted products and artisan foods – from cheeses to charcuterie, olive oils to exotic fruits, breads and pastries, chocolates and Arabic sweets, the gourmet food store Dean & Deluca, at the 2nd Avenues, is taking things yet up a notch.  

Brace yourself for ‘The Market’ by Dean & Deluca for a selection of remarkable local and international gourmet food while learning some serious food skills, like the art of creating a macaroon tower, rolling your own sushi or discovering the secrets behind picking the best coffee beans.

For the whole month of October, the store has a score of activities showcasing unique flavors and exciting food experiences. Sample Star Fruit sourced exotic strawberry cultivar pine berries' pineapple-like flavor, or try those cherry tomatoes that taste like honey. Nibble chocolate truffles by ‘the great chocolatiers of Oxford Street’ Prestat, as described by chocolate adoring Roald Dahl.

Witness a real bee hive and do not miss out on adorable honey gifts collection by local raw honey producers JustBee, as well as get a kick from coffee cupping by expert coffee roasters Orbis Foods. In addition, taste Kuwait's very own Yasmin Farms' Alban Dairy daily-produce of fresh milk in delicious flavors, and savor Lazurd's exquisitely crafted chocolates from Lazurd's Executive Chef.

Even more exciting are the events held throughout the month at the Chef's Table. Taste and learn everything from waffle-making to coffee-roasting, sushi-rolling to fatayer-rolling, creating macaroon towers to learning how hand-cooked chips are crafted. Also explore the art of decorating cakes, delicious ways to create and combine delicious salad ingredients, techniques of rolling pizzas, and make, knead and press fresh pasta. Watch Dean & Deluca chefs make chocolate slabs and enjoy their fresh artisanal bakery range, or taste a variety of baklava, shawarmas, and fresh strawberries dipped in variety of sauces. If you love regional flavors, then indulge in Tmreya date truffles or Istanbuliyah's Kuwait-made saffron date cakes.

To top it off, pass by the store for a firsthand experience and hang on to our Instagram and dining series featuring all the highlights that you might have missed out on from these stores.

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