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Dean & Deluca re-launches healthy living menu
July 17, 2016, 5:05 pm

DEAN & DELUCA, Kuwait’s destination gourmet café and grocery store is bringing back its popular Healthy Living menu with the aim of encouraging customers to make healthier food choices without compromising on taste and flavor, following the holy month of Ramadan.

The Healthy Living menu will be available from 13 July to 28 August, 2016, and will include a rich selection of fresh and light dishes, spanning over breakfast, lunch and dinner, all carefully prepared with the customer’s well-being in mind.

Applying a healthier lifestyle begins with cultivating healthier eating habits. In keeping with this philosophy, DEAN & DELUCA has sourced the finest ingredients, often organically grown, to satisfy a wide diversity of palates throughout the day.

Never before has eating healthy been so delicious! Starting with breakfast, the Healthy Living options include delectable delights such as the Light Labnah—a succulent blend of mixed berries, nuts and honey—and the savoury Egg White Omelette—a fusion of onions and mushrooms. For customers with a sweet tooth, the Sugar-Free Signature Waffles and Pancakes—drizzled with sugar-free mascarpone cream and topped with fresh red berry puree, maple syrup and fresh berries—offer a healthier alternative.

The lunch and dinner variety includes an Organic Quinoa & Giant Couscous Salad—with baby spinach and lemon olive oil dressing—and the flavorful Wood-Fired Rolled Chicken Thighs & Mushroom—accompanied by healthy green bean salad, carrot puree and marinated wood-fired tomato.

To complement the Healthy Living menu, DEAN & DELUCA is also serving nutritious cold blends and smoothies such as the Orange Dream, the Pineapple Banana Blueberry Blend and the Fresh Berries.

Get to the healthy side of life with DEAN & DELUCA after the indulgent summer vacation, scrumptious Ramadan iftars and the decadent Eid parties. 

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