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Dawat Restaurant - enjoy exceptional dishes with warm hospitality
June 7, 2015, 10:54 am

The Al-Sabah and Kohli Group’s Dawat Restaurants promises a casual dining experience in a family like atmosphere where diners can relish a variety of flavoursome dishes.  Since its inception, it has amassed a large customer base of Kuwaitis and expats, who frequent the restaurant for the traditional dishes whose flavor, has remained consistently scrumptious.

Nikita Kohli, the Operations Director for F&B and the daughter of the Group’s founder Ravi Kohli, spoke with The Times Kuwait about the establishment of Dawat as the destination of many culinary delights.

According to Ms. Kohli, she would describe Dawat as the quintessential family restaurant with all the trappings of a neighborhood eatery where everyone is family. The laid-back atmosphere coupled with good service makes the restaurant the place to go to for a casual family meal.

Talking about their carefully thought-of menu, she said, “We have Chinese and Indian cuisine, and aside from these two main cuisines, we have a variety of complementary dishes. Our menu is very diverse with traditional curries, biryanis, kebabs and sizzlers. We have Indianized Chinese food, and lamb, chicken and meat-based dishes. We also have a good vegetarian section as well.”

She spoke on the special dishes created on occasions for patrons, “We have special promotions where we offer new dishes. Presently, we are holding a mango festival for patrons, and we have a separate dessert menu based on mangoes.”

The dishes at Dawat have received positive comments, and Ms. Kohli shares exactly which are very popular with patrons. “Our Murg Biryani is one of the bestselling items, along with our butter chicken. We have heard from clients about how much they have enjoyed the food.”

Dawat distinguishes itself from other restaurant in a number of ways, Ms. Kohli said, “We use fresh ingredients in our dishes that are cooked in the least possible amount of oil. Indian food is not considered healthy, but we try to keep our ingredients as healthy as possible.”

“Dawat has been in the market since 1992, since we had our first unit in Bneid Al Ghar, we had people who are dining with their kids presently, and they used to come with their own parents as young children,” She explained how Dawat’s loyal customer base view the restaurant as a part of their lives and traditions, “It feels like home. I would describe the restaurant in five words: homey, comfortable, friendly and great service. ”

Touching on the catering services that Dawat offers, she said, “We do a lot of caterings with customized menus and special additions to compliment any event. We even do live cooking stations where you have a choice of Indian, Chinese and even Arabic as well as Chaat counters and live cooking counters. In addition to the normal catering.”

The restaurant outlets are doing well, according to Ms. Kohli, “At the Bneid Al Ghar restaurant, we get Kuwaitis and business people during the week because of all the offices in the area. And at the Abu Halifa branch, visitors are diverse with proper Kuwaiti families and American expats. Each of our units have a completely different market. We chose these locations that are spread out very well to get our foot firmly planted in the market and reach new customers as well as be accessible to existing customers.” 

Glad for the company’s many achievements, she shared her optimism about the future of Dawat, saying, “We have set our footprint in Kuwait and have created a brand known to everyone. We aim to expand throughout the GCC.”

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer

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