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Dasmani program launched in the Fitness and Rehabilitation Center at the Dasman Diabetes Institute
November 30, 2013, 9:34 am

The Director of the Center for Fitness and Rehabilitation Dasman Diabetes Institute, Dr. Fahad Ahmed Al-Ghimlas, had announced the beginning of an exercise and fitness educational program under the slogan 'Be Dasmani' .

Dr. Al-Ghimlas said that the program includes educational lectures about the exercise and its importance to a patient with diabetes, especially Type 2, that is possible to combat or control it by changing the lifestyle of the individual in the society. The program incorporates a scientific assessment of enrolled patients through comprehensive and advanced tests including full clinical evaluation as well as blood and urine tests, ECG, and body composition analysis. These allow assessment of the disease and health status, including the percentage of body fat and muscle . The program also contains an integrated testing and advanced fitness test effort , which includes the cardiopulmonary exercise test which shows the efficiency of the heart and respiratory functions as well as fitness level. In addition, participants will undergo nutritional assessment and will receive dietary recommendations regarding food choices.  

Based on the results of the tests participating patients will benefit from medical counseling, especially as they are going to attend lecures individually and in groups to learn about diabetes and its symptoms and risks and means of combat and control it. The intensive assessment week also includes group workshops for fitness focusing on the muscles and joints. Paritcipants will also join group exercise classes over a full month during which there will be daily checks of vital signs (heart rate and blood pressure) and the level of blood sugar before and after exercise .

Dr. Al-Ghimlas added that the program, which begins on Wednesday, 27 November 2013, is supervised by specialized healthcare professionals including medical doctors, nurses, and specialists in exercise and nutrition. Participating patients will receive educational brochures and booklets to enrich the awareness about the disease and how to control it with exercise.

Dr Al-Ghimlas also added that the program is planned to be repeated frequently in the future to provide this exceptional service to the largest possible number of people with diabetes.

To find out more information about the program can visit the Fitness and Rehabilitation Center at the Dasman Diabetes Institute - the fourth floor or contact us on the direct line: 2224 2989. Alternatively, you can also access more information about the Dasmani program on the Fitness and Rehabilitation Center’s electronic page at, or follow the Center’s news on social media under frc_dasman.

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