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Dasman Diabetes Center to receive medical team for treatment of diabetic foot
September 19, 2015, 3:31 pm

 Kuwait and the Republic of Cuba have signed a contract for the dispatch of a medical team to Kuwait after Cuban researchers found a successful way to treat the diabetic foot. Dasman Diabetes Center's Director-General Dr. Kazem Behbehani, said in a statement to KUNA last night that the Institute will receive based on the new contract a crew of 10 nurses to work at the Institute.

Behbehani added that such cooperation is the culmination of a successful performance by three Cuban doctors at the Institute on topics related to diabetes and medical research conducted on dozens of Kuwaiti patients suffering from diabetic foot.

Behbehani noted that the Cuban doctors were able to treat around 50 patients who later were able to recover and walk again. The official stressed that this effort has a major impact in improving the quality of life for dozens of patients who "have regained confidence in their ability to lead a normal life again." Behbehani also thanked the Kuwaiti and Cuban embassies for facilitating this step and enhancing consolidation of cooperation in the health field between the two parties.

In turn, Kuwait's Ambassador to Cuba Bader Al-Awadhi praised, in a statement to KUNA, this humanitarian accomplishment and the achievement by the Cuban doctors at the Dasman center.

Ambassador Al-Awadi added that the treatment of 50 Kuwaiti patients by the Cuban medical team was a humanitarian act that reflected on the great cooperation and medical capabilities and services which will benefit the whole world. Established in 2006, Dasman Diabetes Center includes facilities and laboratories necessary to conduct scientific research on the treatment of diabetes.

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