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Daring short haircuts
May 8, 2016, 12:30 pm

If you are bored with tying up your long hair and want to attempt something different, why not go for a completely new and exciting short haircut. Everyone is going short, so now is the time to take the plunge. Women who take beauty and style risks are the ones most admired—it is not the ones who go along with the pack.

Every woman can have a short haircut, itis all about how you wear it and, more importantly, the confidence you wear it with. Taken inspiration from these suggestions to find the trendy, cool hairstyle for you.

Embrace your texture:  Textured hair isn't new, but women can now embrace their gorgeous natural texture without worry thanks to the many hair products. It is all about celebrating different kinds of women and different kinds of beauty —from short cuts to different kinds of curls to coarser, textured hair.  No matter where your strands fall on the spectrum, the key is to find a length and look that sets them free—and doesn't require you to fire up a flatiron or reach for a chemical relaxer.

The bold buzz:A buzz cut not only shaves time off your morning routine, but it also guarantees you the spotlight. Girls today aren't so hung up on their hair, and a style is more worthwhile if you do something that is more personal to you. Plus it is going to get you noticed. If you are ready, there are few beauty moves as badass as a buzz cut. Plus, losing your length focuses all the attention on your gorgeous face.

The updated shag:The shag has made a significant comeback and today, the focus is less on styling (i.e., the feathery look made famous in the '70s is out) and more about embracing natural curls or waves to achieve that effortless cool factor. Brow-grazing bangs also help bring the style into the twenty-first century.   In short, the less you mess with your shag, the better.

The curly mop:Bouncy ringlets look even springier when cut short. Even better: Less length means less maintenance. The majority of curly haired girls these days simply let their strands air-dry after a shower, maybe adding a dollop of frizz-canceling cream or gel. Shorter styles are an excellent choice for women who want to enhance their natural texture.

The layered lob:Sticking to the middle ground was once considered a cop-out by many hairstylists, but now pros are actively advocating for cuts chopped just above the shoulder. Not only is this length extremely versatile, but if you are on the fence about short hair, the lob allows you to ease your way in. Women don't have to go for a radical cut; layering the hair in different ways can change the proportions and give you volume and edge. Just think of the lob as the gateway to the bob and beyond.

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