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Damas launches Utopia the new jewellery brand in Kuwait
September 14, 2014, 1:21 pm

Anna Gaia, CEO of Utopia jewellery was in Kuwait recently to mark the launch of her unique Italian brand at Damas jewellery stores all over Kuwait.

Hailing from a family of jewellers that had more than 60 years of jewellery making experience, it was of little surprise that Anna noticed the few options women had with pearl jewellery when she entered the business. It was this niche market that had Anna inspired and set her out to develop and fill this segment.

“This is a very interesting niche to give pearls a new life, a very modern life, contemporary life,” she says when asked about her designs.

In the last 15 years Utopia gained a lot of popularity the world over for their designs and quality, which became the benchmark for pearl designs and innovation, creating a contemporary look which is a mix match with other precious stones including gold.

Elaborating on her collections, Anna points out at the exclusive nature of the designs, the high quality handmade craftsmanshipand the Made in Italy tag that goes with every piece. “We guarantee each and every piece for colour, quality and originality,” she says with a sense of pride.

Utopia jewellery collections have the hallmark of Italian sophistication and simplicity reflecting the beauty of the jewellery and of the person wearing it.

Anna’s touch of creativity is evident in every piece and every year Utopia adds a new “flavour” as she calls the new designs keeping the consistency year after year.

Utopia collections have some remarkable inspirations that reflect the range of jewellery which includes jasmine flowers, olive trees and nature and music. Giving designs to pearls require master craftsmanship as their round shape allows only one piece around a piece, so it has to be perfect.

The Damas partnership with Utopia goes back almost 10 years and signifies the quality consciousness of both brands.

Utopia’s collection of pearls are designed to match every occasion. From yellow to gold pearls to white and black to very light grey. Anna points out that she is excited about the region as there is a heritage and culture for pearls. People here understand the beauty of pearls and the made in Italy tag is well appreciated.

Utopia, symbolising the dream of a woman, is available in most Damas stores in the Gulf region.

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