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DJ Lock: Rocks with the best
June 8, 2014, 9:26 am

Jermaine Sullivan (Sully), aka DJ Lock, has been rocking dance floors internationally since 2001. He has played in such places as Germany, Thailand, Kuwait City, Bahrain, and Iraq.  He is a crowd pleaser, spinning hits from a range of music genres from house, techno, hip hop, to R&B.  DJ Lock has opened shows for DJ Smallz, Mr. Southern Smoke, and DJ Shireen, The Queen of Dance From India. He was also awarded The Best DJ On Global One Radio Online Internet Radio 2011. Recognized for his top-notch song selection and music that gets the audience excited, it’s great for those fans of good music to see him perform at the Reggae Jam. DJ Lock took time off his busy schedule to answer a few questions put forward to him by The Times.

How you started with DJing?
After I got out of the military in Germany, I was working as a bar tender on base where I was stationed. We had a DJ for the club and his contract expired and was not renewed because he wanted more money. I told my boss I have music but I don’t know how to work the equipment. He showed me how to operate the system so that I could pretty much be a jukebox. From that point on, I practiced and watched other DJs in clubs until I got better. From then till now, I have gotten pretty good at the craft.

What kind of instrument did you play before you started as a DJ?
In Elementary School I played the cello up until High school then I switched to the stand up bass.

Who were your idols when you started?
When I started DJing I really didn’t know too much about famous DJs, but as time went on and I studied the styles of different DJs, I took a liking to DJ Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Carl Cox.

How did you learn to be a DJ?
I would go to clubs in Germany and stand by the DJ booths and watch hand movements all night. Then, I would go home and practice. I also had a friend by the name of DJ Steady Groove who gave me tips and showed me the best techniques of DJing.

What kind of experience have you planned for the Reggae Jam for the Kuwait audience?
At the reggae jam, be prepared to hear old school reggae to new school, from dancehall to lover’s Rock.

Do you feel that there is a strong appreciation for reggae music in Kuwait?
Reggae is slowly growing in Kuwait, and I feel that the more people listen to it… the music catches their attention.

What would you say your musical style has changed/evolved over the years?
When I started DJing I was strictly a hip hop DJ, but that changed quickly as I progressed.  My style now includes Hip Hop/ R&B, Reggae, Latin, and House. So depending on the crowd I play for, you will get every genre in one set.

How do you get the sounds you are working with?
I visit various websites pretty much on a daily basis and download new catchy tracks.

What is the most important thing for you when you are performing live, where is your focus?
My focus is on the crowd. If the crowd is vibing off the music I am playing, then I know I am doing something right.

What can we look forward to from you in the near future?
At the moment I am in talks with a few clubs in Bahrain that would like to bring me back to perform in their clubs. I would also love to do a lot more events and corporate functions until one day I get the chance to play in Ibiza!

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