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DDI receives award at International Quality Summit
June 28, 2016, 3:50 pm

Dr. Qais Saleh Al Duwairi, Director-General of Dasman Diabetes Institute, recently attended the International Quality Summit, organized by Business Initiative Directions (BID) One Group, on 30 May, 2016 in New York, to receive DDI’s International Quality Summit in the Platinum Category Award.  

Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) was recognized for its commitment to quality, leadership, technology, and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. This merit is internationally acknowledged through the 2016 International Quality Summit Award, and was awarded to DDI by the President of BID, Josè E. Prieto. Receiving this award demonstrated the Institute’s keen interest on maintaining its focus on total quality management for continuous improvement, in order to preserve its leadership skills in the healthcare sector.

DDI is focused on its holistic approach of integrating all the different aspects of promoting health awareness, offering educational programs, and providing training opportunities for both healthcare professionals and the public in general. DDI is keen on spreading awareness throughout the country in order to decrease the prevalence of diabetes in Kuwait. Ensuring the health status of the people is an important task DDI tackles. The Institute aims to nurture its future generations by educating and leading them towards a healthier lifestyle. This stems from the Institute’s mission: “To prevent, control and mitigate the impact of diabetes and related conditions in Kuwait through effective programs of research, training, education, and health promotion and thereby improve quality of life in the population."

The Institute also makes it one of their primary goals to continue furthering the education of healthcare professionals. This is promoted in order to ensure the availability of qualified specialists, and to guarantee that the patients in Kuwait are receiving the high quality care they deserve. This is why the Institute invests much of its time and effort in creating partnerships with several reputable institutions, both, locally and internationally, forming networks and collaborations in order to keep developing as a nation.

Dasman Diabetes Institute has always taken great pride in its commitment towards providing the utmost quality care, and has been awarded by prestigious entities for its excellence. In 2014, the Institute received official accreditation and recognition as a Referencing Collaborating Center. This was declared by the Executive Board of the Health Ministers’ Council for Cooperation Council States. DDI is now recognized as a Center of Excellence and Reference for diabetes mellitus in the GCC countries.

In early 2016, DDI was accredited with Platinum Level with its second award from Accreditation Canada International (ACI). And today, the International Quality Summit presented DDI with the International Quality Summit in the Platinum Category Award. As a result, the Institute continues to be recognized for all of its hard work, dedication, and sincere commitment to its people and country for its excellence and perseverance in the healthcare sector.



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