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DDI marks World Health Day; launches mobile diabetes clinic
April 7, 2016, 3:38 pm

Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI), the premier diabetes research, education and care facility in the region, in association with Zain Telecom, the leading telecommunications provider in Kuwait, held an event at the DDI premises in Sharq on 6 April, to promote and focus on this year’s World Health Day theme: ‘Halt the rise; Beat Diabetes’.

Among special guests attending the event were the DDI Director-General, Dr. Qais Al Duwairi, the former Minister of Health Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, Director General of Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialties Dr. Ibrahim Hadi, and the CEO of Zain Telecom Iman Al-Roudhan.

A large number of visitors, including children, DDI staff and members of the media attended the colorful event, which saw over a dozen private and public organizations and companies providing information on diabetes and its management. Highlight of the event was the launch by DDI of a mobile diabetes clinic designed to spread awareness and provide diabetes screening to the public.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Duwairi underscored the mobile clinic’s goal of spreading awareness about diabetes in society by providing relevant health information and helpful advice, while also delivering preliminary diabetes screening to the public.

Revealing the alarming rise of diabetes in Kuwait and providing statistics on the disease, Dr. Duwairi said, “Prevalence of type 2 diabetes among adults in Kuwait is around 20 percent; while type 1 diabetes, among children below the age of 15, was 37 cases in 100,000; this places Kuwait third worldwide.”

He added that DDI plans to hold various activities to promote the theme of this year’s World Health Day, ‘Beat Diabetes’ and to support the Institute’s mission of limiting the effects of diabetes and its related complications in Kuwait. He added that the cooperation of Zain Telecommunications was necessary as they could help spread awareness of diabetes by leveraging their technology and communication tools.

Fon his part, Dr. Sayer stressed the danger that diabetes held for Kuwait and GCC countries. He noted that people in the region are unaware of the danger of the disease and its complications that are now contributing to a higher mortality rate. He disclosed that the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences was working to provide assistance by supporting programs that educate school students on the best living and eating habits, and by encouraging them to be active. These steps, he said, were very important to beating diabetes and keeping the population healthy.

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