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Cut quantity of subsidized sugar to prevent diseases, Says MoH
March 16, 2015, 5:27 pm

The Ministry of Health has submitted a recommendation to the Ministers Council to reduce  the quantity of subsidized sugar given to citizens from two kilograms to one kilogram per month, reports a local daily quoting sources. Sources explained the proposal, once implemented, will make the State save about KD31 million every year and it will be beneficial to the health of citizens as it will prevent a number of diseases caused by excessive sugar intake.

Sources confirmed the recommendation has been referred to a special committee formed by the Ministers Council for further study and other necessary action. Meanwhile, a medical journal in Europe that specializes in pediatric urology surgery has agreed to publish a major research paper on improving lower urethra surgery for rear deformation of urine organ in male children written by Kuwaiti consultant in Pediatric Urology Surgery at Ibn Sina Hospital Dr Abdul- Nasser Munawer Al-Sa’eed, reports a local daily. Al-Sa’eed disclosed the deformation in male children changes the urine opening to be located below its normal position.

He said this deformity is found in an average of one out of every 200 children. He stated the research is meant to improve basic lower urethra surgery, adding that the improvement has been experimented on over 250 children in Kuwait. He explained the success rate of the surgery is 97 percent and it is among the most complicated pediatric urology surgeries. He said the research paper was accepted in two conferences in America and Europe — the European Pediatric Urology Surgery Conference and American Pediatric Urology Surgery Conference.

Both conferences are the most notable in this field worldwide. In other report, The Ministry of Health intends to improve health services offered to the public through the construction of health centers and 11 new hospitals from 2015 to 2020, reports a local daily quoting sources.

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