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Cut crease eyeshadow tips
April 23, 2017, 1:47 pm

The cut crease eyeshadow look is slowly becoming the ultimate going-out makeup for many women. Mainly cause of its highlight - a razor-sharp line where the shape on your lid ends and the one on your crease begins, that makes it a show-stopper. Moreover, it is very versatile; you can create your own version using different contrasting shadows, or try similar tones for a subtle effect. Once you have experimented with a few looks, you can even try a double cut crease.

Another bonus is that the look works for all eye shapes, whether you have monolid, hooded or deep-set eyes, you can tweak the eyeshadow to enhance your eyes.  Here are some tips on how to create the look.

Set the base: Patience is required for this eye makeup look, and you may have to attempt a few tries if you have never done it before. To start the look, apply an eye primer to the entire lid. Next, brush on a base shadow to the lid, before using a white highlight on the brow bone and inner corners of your eye.

Start sketching:  Use any eyeliner you like to sketch a V-shape starting from the crease in the middle of your eye and connecting to the outer corner of your eye. Make the line thicker toward the outer corner, and use less pressure toward the inner corner, to make the liner thinner and lighter. The cut crease should be sharp, and to achieve the effect, use a fine-tipped shadow brush along your crease to create the crisp line.

Blur it out: Next, use an eye shader brush to blend your eyeliner out toward the outer corner of your eye. If you can, try to keep the bottom of your cut crease a sharp line.

Add some color: Using the top line of your eyeliner as a guide, apply any chosen eye shadow over the line and slightly above it, blending in toward the inner corner of your eye. You can also clean up any mistakes along the way with your white eyeshadow.

Flair for the dramatic: Wing out your eyeliner for added drama. This step is optional, but almost too gorgeous to skip.

Finishing touch: Run the same eyeshadow you used on your eyelids (or an eyeliner in a corresponding color) along your lower lashline for another subtle pop of color. There, you have the perfect crease cut eyeshadow look.

Play around with choices: When in doubt, go for a gold eyelid with a neutral crease. It is a fierce evening look that is different than your usual cat eye. You can also switch up your usual blended smoky eye with a cut crease design, allowing your old eyeshadows to feel like new. Maybe you want extra flair for a special evening out, then just add a slash of glitter along your crease. Do you normally put your darker shadows on your lid and reserve the lighter shades for under your brow bone? Switch things up by applying the lightest color on your brow bone and the darker one in the crease.

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