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Customize your base makeup
June 30, 2016, 12:08 pm

Finding the right foundation can feel like a monumental task. After all, most complexions aren't one size fits all. You want something to soak up oil from your shiny T-zone, but on the other hand, you don’t want to make your flaky patches even drier. When it comes to skin care, your best option is to cocktail your products to tailor and target your base coverage. By mixing and matching different foundations, you can choose to reveal — or conceal — only what you want to. Here are some tricks to deal with your skin issues.

Hormonal breakouts: It can be all too easy to suffocate those annoying zits under the heaviest makeup in your drawer. Resist the urge. Instead, start with an allover layer of lightweight foundation. Then, dab those blemishes with a green-tinted color corrector to neutralize any redness. Finish with just enough concealer to cover any wayward hints of green. Don’t get too overzealous, tap and press the concealer on with a small brush or clean fingers. Rubbing it in might irritate the breakout and cause it to get more red and inflamed, so be careful with the application.

Enlarged pores: You don't need hours with an airbrush to fake a shrinking effect for your pores. Start by spreading a thin layer of blurring primer over your entire face. This will help soften the appearance of pores and give your makeup a smoother, more even finish. Build on that silky base by applying a medium-coverage BB cream to your whole face for a light, luminous finish. It is typically people with more oily skin types that experience enlarged pores, so make sure to set your base with translucent powder to eliminate excess shine.

An Oily T-Zone: Most people think that for oily skin, there is no need to apply moisturizer, but it is actually even more crucial, as dehydrated skin will produce excess oil to compensate. So after anchoring your base with a coat of moisturizer, choose two separate foundations: a hydrating option for cheeks and a mattifying formula for your greasier spots. Finally, lock everything in place with a dusting of translucent powder. Properly setting the foundation will help eliminate excess shine throughout the day.

Dry Patches: There can be many culprits behind dry patches — everything from seasonal shifts to your latest travel plans — so the key is to strategically draw the eye to your dewiest, most moisturized skin. Get the glow started by applying a layer of tinted moisturizer all over your face as a base. Then, kick the hydration into high gear by adding an ultra-moisturizing foundation just to your driest spots to soften and smooth those flaky patches. From there, use a creamy highlighter to fake a fresh-from-the-spa radiance.

Concentrate the product on the tops of your cheekbones, across your browbone, on your Cupid’s bow, and down the center of your nose, where light naturally hits your face. Just make sure to steer clear of your moisture-challenged spots. Be warned, shimmer will accentuate your dry patches and cause them to be more noticeable.

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