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Custom mix your lipsticks
August 25, 2015, 12:10 pm

If you love lipstick you may have noticed some unusual colors making the rounds of your local beauty counters: shades of blue, green and bright yellow seem to be all the rage.

These wacky shades are available cause they serve a specific purpose, they are meant to be mixed with other lipsticks to create customized, totally perfect-for-you colors.

Consider these shades a lipstick paint box. Think about it: no more throwing away lip colors that don’t quite suit you—just add some yellow, green or blue until it is perfectly customized.

To start with, choose a shade that is very personal, so when you mix and match, you are able to create custom shades that are specific to your individuality. The simplest option is to layer one on top of another directly on the lips, pressing your lips together to mix the colors together. Begin with a lighter-colored base, as a dark shade will always be more prominent, and then add the darker color lipstick a little at a time until you are happy with the result.

If you want to be a little more technical, you can mix the colors together on the back of your hand for a perfectly blended custom shade. Use a stiff-bristled lip brush to apply the lipstick, or an angled brush if you want a really perfect outline.

If you want to take your custom color with you on your travels, you can try this method; melt your existing shade in a small container like an empty lip gloss container, then add in small shavings of the blue, green or yellow, and mix until you have discovered your perfect shade.

So now you know how to mix your lipstick, here is how to create your own lipstick combinations:

Blue lipstick shade:  Cools down too-warm lip colors to create purpley-pinks, plums, deep reds and purples.

Blue lipstick instantly cools any shade that is too warm, creating a range of gorgeously Fall-appropriate shades. Experts recommend mixing shades of royal blue in with your summer pinks and reds to create cool fuchsias and wine shades. A metallic navy can even be worn underneath a berry shade to create a shimmery dark plum. If you are not yet ready to say goodbye to your summer lipsticks, a sheer baby blue might be your best bet.

Green lipstick shade: neutralizes pinks to create the perfect nude.

Straight-up green might be a little Slytherin for every day, but because it neutralizes pink and peach shades, there is nothing better for creating your perfect nude. A light sheer green lipstick shade eliminates the overly-pinky tones from lip color, leaving you with a beautifully neutral base. To use, pick a lip color that is about the same shade as your lips, then layer the green until you reach your desired color.

Yellow lipstick shade: warms up overly cool colors for shades of oranges, poppy reds, tomatoes and tangerines.

Yellow lip color warms up any shade. If you have a very basic lipstick collection, yellow is the perfect mixing color. Reds will become oranges and pinks will be more coral. To alter your favorite winter plum or ruby lipstick for a new season, mix them with yellow for a summer-appropriate hue.


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