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Curry Pot
December 3, 2018, 11:23 am

Experience Indian cuisine that exceeds expectations. The restaurant offers a variety of soups, tandoori sandwiches, curries and biryani. Whetting your appetite are various appetizers such as the Aloo Matar Tikki and Lamb Samosas. Their range of sandwiches is quite diverse with offerings including Hariyali Chicken Tikka sandwiches, Rampuriseekh sandwiches and Shrimps tandoori sandwiches. The Tawa Chicken Breast, the Tawa Lamb and the Tawa Chicken offer a different taste for non-vegetarians, while their main dishes of Butter Chicken and Curry Pot Shrimp are emblematic of the restaurant. Meanwhile, the Curry Pot Special Biryani remains an all-time favorite.

Popular dish: Curry Pot Shrimp
Location: Located at Aswaq Alqurain. Call: 22204458

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