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Curry Leaves Perfects Multi Cuisine
June 2, 2014, 4:38 pm

Curry Leaves, a new prime destination in Fahaheel attracts diners who are looking for a fine dining experience. The restaurant’s interior is tastefully done up with wooden panels and green décor, a setting that has a calming effect and enhances diners’ satisfaction. This multi cuisine restaurant is the hard work of partners Mr.Ahmd Al Hilal ,Mr. Rajesh Sagar and Mr. P.S Krishnan who spent substantial time on careful planning.

Since its opening, the restaurant’s remarkable culinary style has earned praise for its variety of Indian, Chinese, Arabic and continental cuisine that emphasizes rich flavors and distinctive taste.  Curry Leaves partner, Mr. Rajesh Sagar, says that the Curry Leaves brand is defined by its quality cuisine and great service. In agreement, talented Chef Arun Kumar Tyagi, whose career includes a number of 5 star deluxe hotels in India, added, “We offer authentic cuisine from across the globe with flavors that people recognize and some flavors which are new.

The idea is that people should try new things rather than simply stick with the usual dishes. Even if we make a pasta, we create an uncommon combination. We try to give the customers an experience that is new and today.” Chef Arun Kumar Tyagi is the creative force behind the innovative menu that contains a wonderful mix of traditional and modern dishes: from six flavors of Pani Puri water to exotic salmon pasta.  He has selected specialized chefs for the different European, Arabic, Indian and Oriental cuisine as it’s the best way to retain authenticity.

When asked about the creation of the menu, the Chef had this to say. “A lot of the work was based on the input from Mr. P.S Krishnan and Mr. Rajesh Sagar, who have lived in Kuwait for a long time. 60 percent of the menu is based on what the market wants and 40 percent are dishes with more advanced flavors for discerning customers who would like to try something new.”
It is not only the authentic cuisine that is enticing but their signature dishes are widely appealing thanks to the Chef’s efforts.

Chef Arun Tyagi accredits this to the restaurant’s exceptional way of cooking and presenting their food. “We do things differently like our Dum Biryani, rather than making them in bulk, we individually prepare them in hundis and lock in the flavor. When the dish is served, the diners get the full effect of the aromatic spices and freshness.” The dishes’ ingredients are only from the freshest sources and prepared after the order is placed so guests can savor the fusion of flavors.

For vegetarians, a variety of light and healthy menu choices are equally delicious. Talking about the health concept behind the cuisine, Chef Arun Tyagi remarked, “We don’t use additives or food color; all natural ingredients are in our salads to our main courses. Our food is as healthy and flavorful as possible.” 

Discussing further, he talked about the cooking methods that are different from other restaurant. “We don’t butter the vegetables but we roast them. The vegetables are cooked in olive oil to maintain its taste. For Indian cuisine, the flavors are enhanced in a complete dish so there is no need to add extra butter or oil. Our cooking methods are very traditional and similar to home-cooked meals. No short cut methods. Traditional methods have always been healthy.”

Chairman, Mr.Ahmd Al Hilal surmised the Curry Leaves concept, “Our endeavor is to maintain our commitment to regulars by continuously maintaining our quality and service. We receive a mixed crowd of Kuwaitis, Indians, Europeans and Arabs; and the main thing they like is the ambience and the relaxed setting. Plus the authentic flavor of the cuisine and food quality.”

Chef Arun Tyagi also mentioned the good response for his desserts; the Mango & Mascarpone Lasagne and the Fried Ice cream Spring rolls have received high appreciation. At Curry Leaves, guests enter a culinary world that combines original, non-traditional and international recipes for unforgettable moments. Expect flavorful dishes presented with style and courteous service with a smile.

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