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Curling tips for straight hair
April 11, 2017, 1:30 pm

Having straight, fine hair might seem super easy — after all, it is effortless to just toss it in a ponytail in a few seconds and jet out the door. But anyone with this hair type will tell you that it can be difficult to style —nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour battling with a curling iron to create curls or ringlets— only to have your perfect curls fall flat the moment you step outside. Read on for some tips to get your curls to stay intact all day.

Clarify your coif:  When going for a style that is a lot different from your natural hair texture, you should set yourself up with the proper base, which starts in the shower. Using a purifying shampoo before styling is a must, as it removes buildup that can weigh down and straighten out curls. Also, you shouldn't skip conditioner before using hot tools. Ensuring that the hair is properly and lightly conditioned is important because the heat you are going to use to create the curl can adversely affect the hair. Healthy, conditioned hair also creates a more effective base for other styling products.

Detangle before drying: Most people brush their mane after they get out of the shower, but that simple step of detangling stretches out the strands and is only going to make your hair straighter. You should comb out knots after conditioning your wet hair, then only using your fingers, gently brush once you are done bathing. This guarantees you will keep your hair's natural body and movement.

Prep and prime:  You need to give your hair support by using a lightweight texturizing mousse. Putting a wet styling product into your damp mane enables it to hold styles more readily.

Support Your Strands: If your strands are stubbornly straight, it is imperative you spritz each section with hairspray before curling it. This gives hair extra support in holding that shape.

Roll with it: When using  an iron or wand to impart a curl into your hair, consider roller clips or pins to hold the ringlet in place as it cools. Doing so will ensure it sets in the desired shape instead of stretches out.

Finish strong: After your curls have cooled and set, you can separate them with your fingers for a more casual look or brush them to create pretty waves, but proceed with caution. Remember that the less manipulation to the hair, the longer the curl will hold. Once you have created the style you want, secure it with a few spritzes of hairspray.

Extend your style: If you want to rock your curls into the next day, keep dry shampoo on hand. The dirt that will accumulate overnight could weigh down and straighten out your hair. This is especially true when you use hot tools when styling, because they smooth the cuticle, enabling the acceleration of oil down the strand. Dry shampoo will soak up any grease and grime while adding a bit of hold.

To properly look after your hair throughout the day, you should detangle your hair with a brush to break up leftover hairspray, spraying on the dry shampoo, and rubbing it in. Finish by combing through the product to get rid of any extra dirt.

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