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March 6, 2016, 10:00 am

A culinary vision realized by Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli, Cucina has a menu conceived by the renowned chef based on contemporary classic recipes. Using the best fresh and seasonal ingredients, the menu creates a gastronomic experience of heart-warming food that goes with the glamorous design and elegance of the place. Ornate floral plates, polka dot cyan napkins, glints of gold and azure walls, the Arabian indulgence is resplendent. Paying true homage to the brand’s iconic vision, Cucina is bold and understated, fashionable and passionate, standing out as a fine dining landmark on the local culinary scene.

Our choice: Tonnarelli con Gamberi e Pomodorini with square-shaped strings of egg-free pasta lightly bathed in a sweet cherry tomato sauce, infused with hints of fresh parsley and olive oil. Bite-sized pieces of shrimp are hidden throughout the dish, adding to the rich flavor. 

Location: 1st floor Symphony Style Hotel on Gulf Road in Salmiya.  Call2577 0000.

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