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Cuba Marks 25th Anniversary of Casas del Habano
February 28, 2015, 3:06 pm

As the doors of the 17th Habano International Festival closed in Havana, visitors were left with memories of a meeting which, in addition to promoting trade and productive values, exposed them to the tradition and culture of Cuba.

The third day of the international cigar festival was dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of specialized Habano houses in the world. These facilities, located in more than 140 exclusive and prestigious outlets, market the famous Cuban cigars, made by expert hands.

Those who go to these centers can find limited editions of products tested with the highest quality, and the cigars are conserved in humidors beautifully decorated by craftsmen. In addition to the sale of cigars, this business also offers a range of services, distinguished by the personalized attention, both to connoisseurs in the art of smoking Habanos, and beginners who are interested in learning about these cigars, their culture and legends. The first Casa del Habano began operating internationally in 1990 in Cancun, Mexico.

A rolling class of seasoned specialists of various factories like El Laguito and Partagas, among others, took place on 25 February at the Habano Festival. Dr. Zoe Nocedo Primo, director of the Cigars Museum, gave a keynote lecture on the ccasion.

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