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Crychess tournament 2014
September 22, 2014, 10:31 am

When: November 28    

Where: Salmiya Indian Model School (SIMS), Salmiya

Friends of CRY Club (FOCC), announced their plans for 2014 Chess Tournament for children of all ages upto high-school. "CRYchess 2014" will be held on Friday, 28 November 2014, from 09:30 am - 4:30 pm. The players will be allocated groups by their age, to play in the Swiss pairing format.

For more details, registration forms, Rules of CRYChess 2014, please visit or contact FOCC members. Sponsors are also welcome to encourage the participating young chess players. The last date for registration is Saturday, the 22 November, 2014.  

Children of all ages and various nationalities competed in the annual event which had some of those participating repeatedly every year.  “With CRY everyone wins” is the slogan FOCC carries. The players are paired in the Swiss Pairing System, which is used in many international chess tournaments. All the children play all the 5 rounds. After each round, the computer software pairs players based on the automatically calculated player rankings.  After the fifth round the final ranking is determined by the software according to the number of games won and on the rating of the opponents defeated. Each group is supervised by an arbiter.

The arbiters are volunteers who have a strong chess playing background and offer their services for the cause of promoting this game.  Contacts: Salmiya: 25618471, 97990162, 66810338, Abu Halifa: 99364073, 66204295, Ahmadi : 99578073, Hawally: 99300257 Abbasiya: 97226589 or visit CRY, the link between Child Rights & You. 

Friends of CRY Club was established in November 2003 in Kuwait with the objective of having sustainable, result oriented, well founded organization to continue to be in service of the deprived children with synergic participation of a cross section of people in Kuwait.

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