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Cruise – the perfect holiday for couples and families
November 9, 2015, 1:58 pm

To enjoy ones holiday to the fullest, there probably would be no better way than an amazing vacation.  For many, planning a vacation can be an additional source of stress. A vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but the preparation for the trip seldom is. Questions such as: where to go, what to do, and how to get there will undoubtedly arise when choosing the specifics for your trip. 

There was a time when taking a cruise meant island-hopping around the Caribbean, but today’s cruising offers much more. In fact, many top cruise lines now offer itineraries to far-flung and exotic destinations, extravagant new vessels, and more authentic port excursions than ever before. There has never been a better time to take a cruise.

Here are some good reasons on why you should opt for a cruise:

  1. It is a good investment: The cost varies considerably between categories, but you can travel quite comfortably. It is true that some shore excursions and off ship activities will come out of your pocket, but that would be the same on just about any vacation.
  2. Getting to the cruise ships is easier than ever. Access has steadily improved over time with new ships coming into the market and individual companies competing with each other. There are numerous ports to disembark from, making it possible for people from a rather large geographic areas to drive to a cruise ship. Departure ports can be found wherever land meets the sea.
  3. All in one holiday: What could be better than bringing tons of exotic locations right at your doorstep? You could an excursion or explore the localities without having to change hotel rooms or repack your suitcase. 
  4. Pamper yourself: Onboard there are countless opportunities to do something, or nothing, depending upon your mood. Many spend an evening enjoying a live show at the theater or relax at a spa. Cruising also works well for family reunions, celebrations and weddings.
  5. Delicious food and drink: When it comes to food, most cruise liners have skilled chefs. There is a selection of cafés and restaurants, which serve everything from gourmet food to burgers and children’s menus. The menus are often compiled by well-known chefs, and a major advantage is that you can sit down to eat at a restaurant or café without having to think about the bill.

The overall sea going experience is reason enough to go on a cruise. Most of us plan our vacations to compliment the current season; we seek the sun during winter and find solace in the wilderness during summer. The point is, no matter what the season, there always is a good reason to choose a cruise.



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mohammad zahid ahmed  Posted on : November 16, 2015 12:37 pm
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