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Crisis management team to deal with domestic labor issue
September 1, 2018, 2:42 pm

A crisis management team should be formed to tackle the ‘deep-seated’ issue of domestic laborers, stated MP Mohammed Al-Dallal in a submission to parliament. Elaborating on the submission, the parliamentarian said that despite extensive efforts by parliament and the government to address the issue, as well as the existence of laws and regulations governing this sector, there have been numerous incidents due to complications, which can now be considered matters of national security as they directly affect Kuwaiti families.

The MP also pointed out that the issue can be viewed as a foreign affairs complication, because of disputes between workers, their embassies and the Kuwaiti public. He cited the recent problems that arose between Kuwait government and the Philippines Embassy in the country.

He added that the proposal he submitted called for the Cabinet to form a crisis management team comprising of members from the Interior, Commerce and Social Affairs ministries, as well as from the Public Authority for Manpower. He said the team would be tasked with preventing domestic labor problems, finding plausible solutions to existing problems, and enforcing laws and regulations while having the authority to submit recommendations to amend these laws and regulations.

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