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Cozy Filipino restaurant opens in Kuwait
May 1, 2017, 10:37 am

Nanay Eden (Mother Eden) recently opened its doors to diners offering authentic Filipino cuisine. Strategically located in an intersection in Salmiya and housed in a row of newly erected buildings, the venue has been a favorite destination for local diners for the past week since it was officially inaugurated by the Philippine Labor Attaché Atty. Alejandro Padaen.

The restaurant managed by seven partners and sponsored by a local Kuwaiti has received a positive reaction from diners since its opening. In a brief comment by the Philippine Labor Attaché, he lauded Filipinos who venture to such businesses and promote Philippine culinary expertise in Kuwait. “Food is and will always be inevitable to everyone and such a business can only bring a good source of income for Filipinos. I laud these entrepreneurs for taking this big step,” commented Atty. Padaen.

The restaurant is open daily and receives two hundred and more diners. On weekends, Friday buffet is available from 11 am till 11 pm for KD 1.500. Kuwaiti employer Mr. Majid added that he hopes to open two more branches in different locations in Kuwait in the near future.

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