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Court dismisses cheating students case citing equal opportunity for all students
June 6, 2018, 9:34 am

The Administrative Court Monday dismissed the urgent application of six lawsuits filed by students who were deprived from sitting for all their high school examinations after they were caught cheating.

Guardians and parents of the cheating students had filed the urgent application, suing Minister of Education Dr. Hamid Al-Azmi and Undersecretary of Ministry of Education Dr. Haitham Al-Atari.

They demanded the officials to allow their children to sit for end-of-year examinations after the latter were caught cheating and had been deprived from taking the exam of the subject they were cheating as well as the rest of other subjects as per a ministerial decree in that regard.

In its ruling, the court said it was inevitable to say the contested ministerial decision came in one pure sentence — free from defects of legality and based on the correct cause issued by the competent authority without exaggeration.

On their part, the public defense said the principal of equal opportunities was putting lazy students in a better position than hardworking students in terms of distribution of the burden of studying when writing exams based on the stated mechanism.

Therefore it was necessary for the concerned minister to deal with the abnormal situation by issuing the contested ministerial decree, which is undoubtedly aimed at regulating the work flow of examinations and dealing with any violations committed therein.

The defense affirmed that the purpose behind issuing the decision was to combat cheating and eliminate its sources, as it has led to an ethical educational crisis and has become an educational disaster that needs diagnosis and treatment.

Source: Arab Times


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