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Corrupt officials in ‘Health’ will be dealt with: Al Harbi
October 24, 2017, 8:22 am

Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi affirmed that any employee of the ministry proven to be involved in corruption will be referred for questioning irrespective of his/her position, reports Aljarida daily. He indicated that the coming few weeks will witness further preparations for the inauguration of Jaber Hospital in different stages.

In an interview with the daily, Dr. Al-Harbi stressed his keenness to take relevant executive correctional decisions with full transparency in order to rectify all mistakes and refer those responsible for those mistakes for questioning as soon as the concerned parliamentary committee completes its investigations on the overseas medical treatment file.

He insisted that he will not accept any form of corruption to occur in the hiring and employment of nurses or any other employees of the ministry. Dr. Al-Harbi affirmed that he will take necessary legal procedures concerning every complaint in this context by either referring the file to the Public Prosecution or ensuring legal investigations are conducted by the ministry. He said he will not permit the hiring of nurses unless it happens through qualified companies and in line with the declared criteria, indicating that he will not hesitate in taking relevant decisions against any company that is proven to be involved in corruption.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Harbi clarified that the decision to increase the charges of medical services offered to expatriates was a must as it is part of the integrated medical reform program. Also, the minister indicated that the nature of the job and responsibilities of doctors might make it difficult to include them in the fingerprint attendance system, as it may negatively affect the need for providing prompt medical care for some patients.

He indicated that the Kuwaitization of medical, nursing and technical jobs is too difficult to be carried out soon. Dr. Al-Harbi disclosed that an integrated project has been planned for complete review and restructure of the medical media with the aim of unifying medical speech.

Source: Arab Times

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