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Copper Chimney
December 1, 2014, 11:19 am

Cuisine: Indian

Tracing the timeless essence of the North West Frontier Province and Northern India, Copper Chimney captures the robust flavors of the Frontier and the rustic fare of the fabled roadside ‘dhabas’ of Punjab, in its own signature style. Prominent Bollywood filmmaker and food connoisseur Jagdish Kapur introduced Copper Chimney's exquisite and rich culinary heritage, which has now spread across India and gained international acclaim as an authentic culinary landmark. The restaurant at Al Bida’a – with an indoor sitting area, private dining room and an outdoor area by the side of a water body – features its hall mark show kitchen integrated into the dining area and divided from diners by a glass wall wherein one can witness the entire fascinating process of Chef’s flipping the roomali rotis that are cooked on an inverted griddle, and preparing kababs and Indian breads in the traditional coal-fired clay ovens called Tandoors.

Location: Al Bida'a Strip
Contact: 22263114

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