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Cool hair accessory styles
August 11, 2016, 2:21 pm

At this moment, you should consider rethinking how you dress up your hair, if all you do is ponytails and buns. Here are some updated ways to wear classic clips and barrettes, but they all have one thing in common: They are fresh and interesting.

Ring Braids:  Practical? Yes. Easy to do? Totally. But there is one thing a three-strand braid isn't, and that is exciting. Except when that three-strand braid (or braids) is placed right at the hairline or hidden under layers of hair and adorned with metal rings; then all of a sudden the classic style is updated and more fanciful. Follow these steps; grab a two-inch section of hair right at your part, split it into three even sections, and begin creating a classic three-strand braid. As you work your way down the hair, slide a single gold ring around one of the three sections and continue the braid to lock it in place. Make sure to space the rings out inconsistently to keep it looking chic.

Once you have braided your hair all the way to the ends, you can secure the plait with a clear elastic or lightly tease the ends together for a more seamless finish. Repeat the process on another two-inch section just behind your ear on the opposite side of your head.

Bungee bun: Secured with a knotted bungee cord, your messy bun just went from post-gym to office (or date-night) appropriate. To start with, gather all your hair into a low bun and secure with an elastic. It is easiest to completely secure the bun with a functional elastic, before going in with the decorative, bungee version. Once you have the bun how you like it, wrap the bungee cord around the base and push the knot slightly off center. Gently pull out the hair at the crown to give subtle, not fussy-looking, volume. You have this incredible look for a day out.


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