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Cool girl's guide to modern suits
October 19, 2015, 12:40 pm

If you do work in a very formal office, a suit is the last thing you would think of as the ‘cool’ thing to wear, but most fashionistas are saying just that, suits are amazing.  A suit is a complete outfit, right out of the box, which should be music to a lazy girl's ears. They also can be unexpectedly cool if you wear them with pumps and a classy shirt.

The first step is to think outside of the navy, gray, and black box. From bright hues and bold prints to vests, capes, and retro silhouettes, there is a suit out there for every style, and they are rad enough to wear both inside and outside the office. Here are some tips.

Go retro: Take advantage of the '70s revival — a double-breasted front, extra-large lapels, and a bit of a flare in the pant makes a suit feel more like a fashion statement than a corporate mainstay. And the suit doesn’t have to be black or even navy, a bubblegum pink is a total power move, and any jacket with big pockets is a win. Finish the look with a high-neck blouse, patent ankle boots, and a top-handle lady bag, and you will dominate the office style.

Try a skirt:  While the pantsuit is popular, there is something undeniably amazing about a matching pencil skirt and jacket. This is the alternative for you if a trouser and blazer feels a bit too stuffy or boxy. Not only can these pieces look sleek and professional together, but each piece is versatile enough to get plenty of wear on its own with your favorite jeans, tees, and other separates. When you are shopping for a suit, you only want to spend money on pieces that can be worn both together and apart.

Relaxed is best:  Shopping for a cool suit is all about breaking the rules. There is no need for stiff shoulder pads or super-structured trousers; try to find some amazing suit separates that are loose and a bit flowy, but still professional. As long as the fabrics look polished and the fit is right, the rest of the outfit keeps things feeling put-together. It is alright to go for a more relaxed silhouette that moves away from the body rather than hugging your every curve. The most liberating lesson to learn is that your top and bottom don't have to match, either. In fact, a suit looks more modern when you embrace mixing and matching, and experiment with looser, more contemporary fits.

Play up a pinstripe:  For a throwback, borrowed-from-the-boys feel, a timeless pinstripe never goes out of style, and it's that perfect happy medium between a plain navy suit and a full-on. Plus, in a structured fabric, you will wear this one nonstop. You can slick your hair back and finish it off with a red lip to keep things classic, or spice it up with a graphic rocker tee and some quirky platforms or maybe flaunt bold accessories for a more unexpected look. In a suit this elegant, you are fabulous, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

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